E-Cigarette or Vaping is a slow poison for smokers and non-smokers

E-Cigarette or Vaping: slow poison for smokers and non-smokers


Electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) usage or vaping, in the United States is increasing rampantly. According to the Stanford University School of Medicine, vaping flavored nicotine liquids, which may include nicotine, may cause ‘chronic damage’ to the endothelial cells. These cells are present on the interior side of the blood vessels directing cardiovascular risk.

On the further classification of its consequences, vaping different types of smoke contain different flavors warns that it is severe. Under the able guidance of professors’ medical papers, which consist of vaping as a subject has high controversial consequences from a political, financial, scientific, psychological, and sociological point of view. Long-time tobacco smokers are gaining the interest of new phenomena. Smokers have decided to smoke in this particular way as it makes their look realistic, tastes authentic, and felt like beyond the clouds.

There are several types of studies that are being involved in every step of the e-cigarette. At least two dozen new studies on vaping are released every week. There has not been an instance when vaping has been referred to as be safe. Every time you take a foreign substance inside your nasal tract, you built in the risk of heart, lung, and circulatory diseases. According to the 2017 vape study, writers condemn that the use of vape has been unique from the very beginning. The health of vape smokers is equally deteriorated as the person who directly took it through the medium.

In 2017, two papers were published, which confirms that adult vapers choose sweet flavors to the tobacco flavors.  It has been a matter of claim that vaping does not affect the smoking status of the user. But according to three studies conducted in 2017, vaping can be a viable medium to reduce or quit cigarette smoking. Major concerns of the e-cigarette are that it might turn havoc influence upon the adolescent users.

The major concern runs on this set of values that the issue of electronic cigarettes will soon start to gallop long-term health contentious. Maybe this will be the only reason for heart failures in the future. Even in e-liquids, flavorings being used turn a sight of great despair for the doctors and medical experts. Along with inflammation, vaping without flavors has led to the non-functioning of the lungs. Stanford researchers have confirmed that the presence of cinnamon and menthol in the e-vaping is the complete package of harmful substances.

When the cell was exposed to six types of flavored e-liquids, significant and concerning changes could be measured. Popular flavorings that are causing unfortunate changes are tobacco, sweet butterscotch, cinnamon, menthol, fruit and sweet tobacco with caramel and vanilla flavors. More than one flavor was considered to be ‘moderately toxic.’

High concentration on cells influenced by flavored vaping is the next set of health issues that will migrate throughout the world. So, it is better to educate teenagers and adult millennials to look after this concern with patience and necessary medical steps. Before adjudicating the individual, proper communication is the first vital protective measure you can take. Though vaping might sound a ‘cool’ personality of an individual, under the health table, vaping is a slow poison.


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