Panic announced Playdate Game System to come in 2020

Panic is a well-known company for developing apps, especially for macOS and iOS. On 22nd May 2019, the company has announced its plan in which it is seen that the company is now planning to enter to the hardware market by launching the Playdate which is an all-new handled gaming system.  The device is said to beget launch in the year 2020.

It is said that in the last four years Playdate is in the making state, and it is decided that with this retro-futuristic design, this will be one of the most exciting gaming systems for the customers.  It comes with a 2.7 inch 400-by-240-pixel screen with the reflective white-and-black display. The device will be accompanied by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communications along with a USB-C port. It comes with the headphone jack and speaker which is present inside the tiny, square-shaped device which measures less than thrice inches on each of the side.

 The device is said to be head to the market with the usual power button which is a directional A and B controls. The Playdate also includes a small crank which comes with a handle that is seen to get fit into a recess in the chassis housing. The all indistinctive input is said to be dreamed by the Teenage Engineering, which is a Swedish digital music electronics company which helps in assisted Panic in Playdate’s design and manufacture.

When this Playdate is heading to the market, it is seen that this will come with the feature pre-installed games from some of the well-known developers which include Shaun Inman, Bennett Foddy, Zach Gage and Keita Takahashi. At the launch time, it is said that it will come with 12 games which are included in this system. It is delivered one per week for about some months. 

In a statement from Panic, it said that the main idea of the company is to provide the gamers with something in order to look forward. In this, most of the games are said to be kept in secret until the launch of the additional games which may be added in the future. The game which all be running in Playdate OS was said to be built by using the custom SDK which supports C and Lua. The device will also be tooled with the Mac-based simulator and also a debugger for the developers.

In another statement from the company, it is said that the first dozen of games will be pushed out to Playdate per week which is like the part of the Season and each of the release that is designed for the users. In the Future Seasons, it will be discussed , but due to the initial group, it is offered a part of the device which may cost $149. According to Cabel Sasser, who is Panic co-founder said to Oregonian, that the system is itself a surprise, the company knows that everything before it will come out and all the people wanted to buck it against that in their own way.