Mathematicians have now revived the abandoned approach to Riemann Hypothesis

Mathematicians revived the abandoned approach to Riemann Hypothesis


Since the last 150 years, it was seen that there are many ways which help in approaching the Reimann hypothesis, which has been proposed during this period. But among them all, none of the ways is proved to be best for solving the open-ended problem in mathematics.

In the recent news paper which is named as Proceedings of The National Academy of Sciences or PNAS is seemed to be now suggesting that one of the old methods is more practical than it is what previously realized.  According to Ken Ono, who is the theorist at Emory University as well as co-author of the magazine, said that this is a very surprising short evidence. All have known that this is like an old abandoned approach to the Riemann hypothesis should not be forgotten. This can be done by simply formulating a proper kind of framework which should be included for the old approach. Moreover, it, too, has shown some of the best kind of theorems, which includes the criterion that involves this Riemann hypothesis. 

When you look at this paper, you can see that this paper helps in building the work of the Johan Jensen and George Polya. These two are said to be the important mathematicians for the 20th century. They have introduced a kind of new method which helps in calculating the Jensen-Polya polynomials, which are a formulation of the Riemann Hypothesis.

As per Ono, who said in a statement that the proof for this is very simple. Ono added by saying that in math, no one invents some new techniques or add new elements. Rather, they help in providing you with a new view of the Riemann Hypothesis, and any mathematician can check your proof.

It is seen that this paper is falling just short of proving the Riemann Hypothesis, which is like the consequences that include the open assertions which are easy to follow from the Riemann Hypothesis.

Michael Griffin and Larry Rolen, who are the co-authors of this paper and also Ono’s former Emory graduate students, said that the result of that was established from this can be viewed by offering as the new evidence which is for the Riemann Hypothesis. This theorem is said to be one of the most beautiful theorems in Maths.

The idea of going for this paper was taken two years ago, and it is taken due to the toy problem that Ono has presented as the gift so that they can entertain with the Zagier which is lead during the lead-up to the math conference. In this toy problem, it is like to scale down the version of the bigger, and it is a more complicated problem which all the mathematicians are currently trying to solve. 

In another statement from Zagier for Ono, said that this is like a cute problem which is about the asymptotic behavior of this certain polynomial that involves Euler’s partition function. This is about the pretty much like the classical number theorists.  


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