NASA now invited Public to submit Names to Fly aboard for Next Mars Rover Mission

In the latest announcement from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, they have announced that space fans can send their names to Mars and other extraterrestrial destinations for about more than two decades. The offer for sending the name is said to be started from now to 30th September 2019 for the Mars 2020 rover mission.

NASA is now giving chances to the general public by providing an opportunity in which the general public can send the names to the spaces. They have stenciled on chips to the Red Planet with NASA’s Mars 2020 rover. With this announcement from the space agency, it represents the initial leg of humanity in which they will go for a first round trip to another planet.  The space rover is all set to get launch on July 2020, and the spacecraft is now expected to touch down on Mars on February 2021.

The space rover is said to weigh around 2,300 pounds. The main objective of the signs is said to be past microbial life which characterizes about the planet’s climate as well as its geology samples.  This also allows you to collect the samples for the future return of the Earth, and it will give way for the human exploration of the Red Planet.

According to Thomas Zurbuchen, who is the associate administrator for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate or SMD in Washington said that they have got ready to launch with this historic Mars mission and it is wanted by everyone to share the journey of exploration. This mission is said to be a very exciting mission for the NASA, and it is now starting with this voyage for answering the profound questions which are about the neighboring planet and also about the origin of life itself.

If you want to send the name to Mars who comes with the souvenir boarding pass and it also gives frequent flyer points. This part of the public engagement campaign is said to be highlighting the mission which is involved with NASA’s journey from the Moon to Mars.  It is seen that Miles are awarded for each of the flight which comes with the corresponding digital mission patches which are available for downloading purpose. It is seen that about more than 2 million names have already flown on NASA’s Insight Mission to Mars which is given on each of flyer which is said to be about 300 million frequent flyer miles.

In another statement, it is already confirmed by NASA that American astronauts will be returning to Moon in 2024.  In this mission, all the government, industry and other industrial partners will be joining hands with NASA so to make this global effort a success by building and testing the systems that are needed for the human missions to the Mars and beyond that planet.   The current Mars 2020 Project at JPL is managed by rover development for SMD. The Mars 2020 space rover will get a launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

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