Apple now trying to fix 2016 MacBook Pros issues with free repair service

Apple is now all set to offer free repair services to its owners of 2016 MacBook Pros, which have got backlight issues. This issue is seen to have increasingly getting started to appear on all the laptops of that time.

In the recent announcement from the company, the repair program is all said to have announced in the afternoon of 21st May 2019. In this announcement, it was seen that the company would cover only the 13-inch MacBook Pro model repair work which was launched in the year 2016. In this, both of the non-Touch Bar and Touch Bar versions are said to be eligible. All this repair is said to be covered for coming four years after the laptop was purchased.

Apple repair program is seen to be offering its customers with free fixes for about 2016 13-inch MacBook Pros, which is said to be affected by an issue which comes with the flex cable stress or via Flexgate. This help in producing with a stage lighting effect that comes with the blacklight display and after that, it dies eventually.  The flexgate issue is said to be due to the cable as it helps in connecting the same with the base of the laptop with the display of getting stretched more than it can handle over the months for opening as well as closing the lid. So, if you have got the damaged cable, then the entire display can then shut off. 

As per some sources, it is seen that the company have appeared to have fixed the issue which is present on the latest MacBook Pro models which are done by lengthening the cable. In the year 2018, it is said that iFixit discovered with the longer cable which was present on MacBook Pro. The company in a statement said that they have to check this with a very small percentage of all total 2016 models.

According to Apple, it said that the company is now using all kinds of different materials that are present in the Keyboard mechanism in which it hopes will be addressing the complaints. Moreover, it is seen that currently, the company is now extending with the standard one-year warranty which is eligible for all keyboard issues which will cover with all kinds of the care plan.

If you go through this all, you will find that this is not for the very first time that Apple has gone for Butterfly keyboard to address the users complaints. During the last year, it is said that with the addition of a membrane, it means that this will keep debris from working in its way in.  Apart from this, Apple has also announced some CPU upgrades which comes with the 15-inch MacBook Pro that helps in receiving with an eight-core processor option for the very first time.  The configuration of the 15-inch model, which comes with eight-core, i9 processor is offering you with base speeds of about 2.3 GHz at $2799.