The US relaxes restrictions on Huawei, Halted Google’s plans to cut access

In the latest development, the US government has now temporarily eased with the trade restrictions which was imposed during the last week on China’s Huawei. The move is said to be taken to minimize the disruption for the customers, but the founder of the company is said to have prepared for this type of US action.

As per the US Commerce Department, it said that it would allow the Huawei Technologies Co Ltd so that they can purchase American-made goods so that it can maintain with the existing networks as well as it can provide you with the software updates to exist with the Huawei handsets.

It is seen that the company is still present in the prohibited position from buying all the American parts as well as other components which helps in manufacturing all the new products without any license approvals which are said to be likely get denied.

According to a statement given by the US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, all new authorization is said to be intended to give with telecommunications providers which help in relying on Huawei equipment time so that it can make with other arrangements as well. This means that this will allow the operations to continue for the existing of Huawei mobile phone users as well as for rural broadband networks. This authorization is said to be in effect for about 90 days as it is said by changes to Huawei’s supply chain which comes in an immediate, far-reaching as well as all unintended consequences for all the customers.

As per Washington lawyer, Kevin Wolf, who is the former Commerce Department official, said that the main goal is seemed to be to prevent the internet, cell phone systems and computer from crashing.

On Tuesday, the founder of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei said that the company is now reprieve move with the bore little meaning for the company as it had been helping you in making all the preparations for the scenario.  As per the Chinese state broadcaster, it said that the US government’s actions at the moment are underestimated about all the capabilities. Ren said this in an interview with the CCTV.  He added by saying that the company is currently in odds with the US government and nit US firms. Huawei is said to be very much capable of making all the things with the chips as it buys you with the United States, which means it does not stop buying the American chips.

The US government has seen to have tied Huawei addition to the entity list. This list leads to the pending case for accusing the company of engaging in the bank fraud to obtain the US goods and services in Iran as well as to help in moving the money out of the country with the help of international banking system. On Friday, the department has said that it was considering all the temporary easing, as well as citing with the government spokeswoman.

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