Linux to be preferred by the government of South Korea for the cost concerns

Linux preferred by South Korea for cost concern


The company is now about to switch to Linux as the company now believes that the Window will be too much expensive to be maintained. Some government has fallen for the features of Linux, but this is quite visible that the government of South Korea is ready to set in a torrid affair. The interior and safety ministers of the government of South Korea have decided with all the schemed outlined to switch the computers of the government from windows to Linux. Such a big move is taken for the sole reason of the cost-convenience that Linux offers and at the same time, the dependency on the single operating system is also decreased.

This is also stated by the South Korea government that the Windows operating system also some compatibility issues, and there are security issues as well observed while using the operating system. This is not at all confirmed about the type of Linux distribution that the government has decided to make the use of. In addition to that, there are no specifications of the timetable at this stage.

The switch is not shocking or was unexpected. Free Windows 7 is now ending in the year 2020 in January. This would make it quite hectic to maintain numerous computers. The maintenance of the workstation alone is a task of expense for the nation. South Korea will have to upgrade to the newer version of Windows that is to be released after the year 2023.

Microsoft will not be bothered in any way if the switch happens. This is not something that is to be bothered as this would have even taken place since a decade back. The modernized Microsoft is more concerned about the cloud service rather than getting the windows copies sold in the market. By making its online offerings indispensable, the company can make a great move towards profit. Thus, the changeover can also be of some benefit.

But this is also to be ensured that the existing websites must also run on the Linus OS which was designed to run on Windows OS without any issues. The rough cost to be switched to Linux OS will be around 780 billion.

All the private sections are now waiting for the move of the government and the choices of the government. The move taken by the government and the OS used by the government would be the most dominant one in the whole nation. Many organizations have waited for the end of the free use offering of window 7 to switch their OS or to take action. Window 7 has been in the mainstream since its release a decade ago. There is plenty of time for the companies who have been willing to make a major shift. All the other government of the nations and the private sectors are waiting to check out the very next move of South Korea.


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