Sony and Microsoft collaborate for a new cloud and Gaming services

On Thursday, Microsoft and Sony Corporation has announced that the two companies have got into an agreement in which they will be a partner for bringing out all innovations.  This innovation will help in enhancing the experience of the customers in the direct-to-customer entertainment platforms as well as on AI solutions.

As per the memorandum of understanding or MoU which are signed by both the top companies, the two companies are said to help in exploring all the joint development of the future cloud solutions in the Microsoft Azure. It is said that it will help in supporting the respective game as well as content streaming services as well.  Moreover, it is now seen that the two companies will start to explore the successful use of Microsoft Azure, which provides solutions for Sony’s game world and its content streaming services.

According to Kenichiro Yoshida, who is the president and CEO of Sony, said in a statement that Sony is a very creative entertainment brand in which you will find some really good foundation of the technology. The company is said to have collaborated with the best content creators who help them to capture the top level imagination of the people present around the world, and it is possible with the help of the technology. The company main aims are to provide the tools to bring the dreams as well as a vision to reality.

In addition to all this, the company too said that further that PlayStation is itself a brand and it is possible due to the combination of top-class technology with the creativity. The company is working hard to give its customers the best as well as most immersive entertainment experiences with the cloud environment, which helps in ensuring all the best possible experience, anywhere and at any time.

Since many years, Microsoft is said to be a very important and key business partner for Sony. But if you look at the industry, you will find that both the companies are also competing with each other in some of the other areas. Both the company said that with this new partnership, both the companies would have a good development in the future in the cloud services which will help in providing with some best content.

As per Satya Nadella, who is the current CEO of Microsoft, it is said in a statement that Sony is and always a great leader when it comes to the entertainment industry and technology industry.  The collaboration that is announced by both the company by singing an MoU is going to be the best history in future as they are now started to work hard to bring some excellent innovations for the customers in future.  The partnerships that both the companies have gone for is said to bring all the great innovations along with the power of Azure and Azure AI to Sony and the best will get deliver an all-new gaming experience for the customers.

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