The photos of NASA show crash site of Israel Beresheet moon lander

The photos produced by NASA show a very dark smudge where the spacecraft happened to crush in a vast field of lava. NASA revealed these photos. The series of photographs clearly showed the crashed site of the Beresheet of Israel moon lander. This smashed the lunar surface on the 11th of April after there was a malfunction which as caused by the engine that was decent but was shut down at a premature time. This happened to lead to the failure of the engine.

The black and white photographs include the before and the after images of the site of the crash. This is located at a place where there was a vast lava field which was known as the sea of serenity on the near side of the moon. The space agency released all these photos on Wednesday. There is a photo that is taken two days after the crash happened. There is a dark smudge that is seen about 10 meters across the cracked spacecraft which appended to have four legs. When the same was compared to the photo taken in the year 2016, then there was no smudge then.

The only thing that is visible in the photo of the year 2016 are the craters which vary in size and at the same time, there were some of the craters which happened to vary by size a bit. The photos were taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter of NASA which is a spacecraft equipped well with the cameras which encircle the moon since the year 2009. Fifty-six miles above the surface of the moon, the dent or the darkness caused is visible.

The speed of the spacecraft was 1000 meters per second when this happened to have a crash. This was faster than it was expected to be. There were many blogs which were released for the matters, and all of them have the same figure which is evident of the fact that the spacecraft was not in control due to such a great speed that it had. The only spacecraft which have been able to land on the moon was made by Russia, China, and the united nation so far.

Despite the mishappening or the crash, SpaceL is not giving up. A video was posted on the 13th of April this year; Morris Khan explained the plans. The billionaire founder Moris Kahn happened to announce the plans that he has. Further, he said that he was going to put it on the moon, and the mission will get completed.

Thu, in this way, the advances in science and technology are used with proper investments to research bit more about the present condition of space and the moon especially. The stories of the space are never-ending. But the missions are to be accomplished. The lunar landers are now the major part of the curiosity of the people. Stay tuned to know about the further attempts that are to be made.

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