The sole reason for mars being dead and red and earth blue and alive

The sole reason for Mars Dead and Red, Earth Blue and Alive


Imagine the solar system back past billions of years. The sun was cooler and the luminosity of the sun as a little less, but there were two planets, and they were the earth and the mars. The planet has larger portions of the surfaces filled with water. Neither world got completely frozen over the presence of the greenhouse gases, including those of Carbon dioxide. Both would have the primitive forms of their young oceans paving the way to a bright future, which is biologically friendly.

Over the past billions of years, both the planets have been through the alteration, which is dramatically to observe. But still due to some reason the planet earth would become rich in oxygen and also remained to temperate and the lives exploded on the surface but Mars simply went dead. The oceans disappeared, and the atmosphere was lost. No signs of life have been observed there. There necessarily requires to be a reason what Mars dies, and the Earth survived.

One of the best features of the earth is the history of life. In the universe, this has been the only planet nurturing lives. The life-giving and nurturing properties are unique in themselves. There is a fossil record where the history of life is all mentioned. It took a million years for the deposition of the sediments on the surfaces of the oceans. Various species of the organisms have their imprints left on the sand of the history where they clearly show their presence in the world.

There are both geochemical and biological origins of the limestone as well. 10% of all the sedimentary rocks of the world are limestone. They are major deposits which were formed with the organic remnants.

There has been major evidence that Mars also has a watery past as a planet in the poles of the planet; seasonal ice can be found. There are some features like those of the dried up rivers. Those offer the oxbow bends which are often observed in the earth. This is why the planet is a red planet. There is a telltale sign of the past and are quite ancient where the water was abundant enough. But this is no longer the case today. There is a very less atmosphere that is left in the as of mars today, which is why there is merely no sustainability of life possible in the mars.

The pressure at the surface is also not sufficient. The liquid water that is available on the planet is also quite contaminated. This is impossible to find some usable uncontaminated water in the whole planet. The pressure on the surface of the water is quite short to exist. Even when we did not have the rovers which can help us know about the mars, the evidence of the watery past is true. The evidence is really to string to be ignored.  But the Mars is dead now with very less liquid, unlike earth where the property of nurturing life is still intact.


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