Steam Link now officially introduced on Apple TV and iOS

Steam Link now officially introduced on Apple TV and iOS

On 15th May 2019, Valve has officially announced about the released of Steam Link on the App Store. This thing comes after a year as exactly a year ago it got rejected from the App Store. It is said that it allows Steam Link which brings desktop gaming to the iPad or iPhone.

The app was earlier announced last year. During this announcement, it was seen that it had promised the customers to bring iOS and tvOS access to all the desktop class games.  This is possible with the help of a software solution which helps in streaming the game video with the client device which can simultaneously relay the controller commands which back to the host computer.  This app is said to be working freely with the wired ethernet connection or with the 5GHz Wi-Fi network, and it is responsible for the video and game data which exist between the linked devices.

As per initial reports, Apple has approved for the distribution, but the company has enchanted the endorsement after three days. In a statement from Valve, it said that Apple had cited a breach of the App Store Guidelines, which is specifically like Business conflicts with the app guidelines, and it works with the approval for revoking.

Last year when Apple has rejected Valve Steam Link from App store, after that Phill Schiller who is the executive of Apple said in an email that they had taken this step as the app is violating the store-within-a-store App Store guideline. Moreover, Phil said that the app had violated several guidelines which is present around the user-generated content along with the in-app purchases and other content codes as well.

During that time, it was seen that Apple had held some discussion about the issues that were existed from the side of Valve and said that the two companies are working hard so that they can bring the Steam Link to iOS. Now with this recent announcement from the Valve, it is seen that all the things are now in the right path and the app is now officially available on Apple Store for download purpose.

If you see Steam Link for iOS and Apple TV, then you will find that the app allows the Steam Players to have better access to the library of games when they get themselves connected to the host Mac. This helps the users to stream with the existing Steam games which are done via iPad, iPhone as well as Apple TV.

But if you want to install this app on any of the Apple devices, then your Apple device must have got iOS 11.0. They can get connected to the host computer steam which can run via 5 GHz network or even a wired Ethernet. This kind of app has got the support for the Steam Controller as well as MFI controllers. So, before going to install that in your device, you need to make sure about the above things so that it can run smoothly on your device.

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