WhatsApp Got Hacked, Company rolls out an update to fix it

WhatsApp is a social messaging app with about more than 1.5 billion users. In the recent development, it was seen that the hackers have attacked and they have hacked the app to install the spyware on some user’s smartphones.

It was found out that an Israeli firm which is accused of supplying tools for spying on human rights activists as well as on journalists is now facing all the claims of the technology. The company said that this could be used as the security breach in the app. The breach can be made in Android as well as on iPhone as well.

As per the report, earlier in the month, WhatsApp has already reported about this breach in its app. The company has said that after the investigation they have found out that an advanced cyber actor was behind this all and till now there is no exact number by which they can know how many users have got affected due to this security dilemma. But on Monday, WhatsApp has issued a statement in which it said that the company has now rolled out the updates to the stores. In this update, they have fixed the vulnerability, which helps the hackers to add code to the user’s smartphone by simply calling them on WhatsApp.

The company has said in a statement that, the engineers have worked round the clock to provide the users with the patch for the vulnerability. The company now encourages the users to upgrade their app to the latest versions and to keep the mobile operating system up to date to protect themselves from attacks like this in the future as well.

According to a spokesperson, the attack which was made on the app shows that it was a work of a private company who is working for the governments to deliver the spyware which can take over the functions of the smartphones operating systems.

This attack on WhatsApp was aimed at a London Lawyer who is involved in the lawsuits which accuse NSO Group of providing security tools to hack the phones of Omar Abdulaziz, group of Mexican Journalists, activists, a Qatari citizen and a Saudi dissident in Canada.  It was seen that before going public about this issue and hacking of WhatsApp accounts, the company has contacted the Citizen Lab and other groups as well and then work with them to discover the attack on the lawyer via its app. After that only they have announced about this attack to the public.

After this all, NSO in response to this all said in a statement that on Monday that the spyware that they are providing is strictly licensed to government agencies only. They will investigate this allegation of misuse and will see how far is these claims are true. Moreover, WhatsApp has said that after this incident, they have already alerted the Justice Department about this attack and ask for the investigation about this all and to bring the truth in front of the public for this.

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