Google stands ahead of the competition by introducing the idea of the foldable phone

Folding phones have already made their way into this era of Smartphone. Samsung and Huawei have already released their ideas in some countries. It has got mixed reviews regarding the built quality and the features. The phones started to break, and Samsung postponed its worldwide launch to inspect the problem. To their surprise, Google has sneaked in to launch its folding Smartphone soon.

CNET reported that Google is working to bring its new phone in the market with the new folding form. From the information given by Mario Querioz, Leader of the Pixel team, it is known that Google is putting ideas together for a folding phone.

It is going to be a very competitive market soon, as Google will avoid the mistakes done on the phone by the big company, Samsung. Moreover, this will eventually help Google build a secure phone. The hardware and software details need to be updated. The Pixel phones had loose hardware as compared to the other flagship phones. The company will work on the hardware and will give regular software updates for its new flagship phone.

Application Programming will become the biggest challenge for Google. The problem will be easy to face as Android is officially supporting Google. Android will provide a hardware device that will state the performance of apps on foldable devices.

Google has not disclosed its final design yet. Google filed a patent in March towards the model of a foldable phone. It is recommended no to expect the phone to be any cheaper. It will be a flagship phone with the technology considered as the future of Smartphone. It will be challenging for Google to gain trust in the market for its new product as Samsung faced embarrassment for the breaking of phones in large number.

It is unclear about how much work is completed by Google on making this phone. The wait continues for the sneak peek of this phone. There is no information from the company about how the phone will perform in hand. Google believes that developing new technology will put an impact on the sales of the company.

As stated above, the patent made by Google contained an idea about the clamshell design of fold. This design explains that the phone is supposed to fold down from the top. There is another design by Google which has three foldable sections with three partitions for display. For the present, the models are not confirmed, and there is no information on the flexibility of the screens. One thing that strikes is there is no notebook fold design like Samsung and Huawei. Google is planning on standing out in the competition.

Every mobile phone company will sooner or later bring their ideas of Foldable phones to the market. It is the future Endeavour for the Smartphone industry. Google is sure of not releasing the phone in any sooner date. When compared to other companies Google does not prefer launching many phones in a year. The Pixel users will have to wait till the end of the year to have the hands-on experience with the device.

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