Understanding the water cycle of the Martian Plane

The water cycle of our planet is pretty straight forward. Water from lakes, oceans and other water bodies get evaporated by the intense heat of the sun. These water then appear as water vapour and cool down in the form of clouds. The water then returns in the form of rain to the water bodies. The cycle is plain and simple without many speculations.

It has been more than a year since water has been found on Mars. The water is expected to be stored as huge ice sheets below the surface of the planet. Theories related to the presence of water on the red planet have been proved true. But there is a next step to the entire expedition. Scientists may have stumbled across something that has been dubbed as the water cycle of the red planet.

Researchers from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology along with the some of the researchers of the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research have collaborated to what they claim as the water cycle of the planet Mars. To make the theory more relatable, the researchers have come with a computer simulation that describes the entire process graphically. Going a step further, the scientists claim to have found the key to why water was lost on the planet. The entire process has been thoroughly examined and is waiting for an international acknowledgement. The water cycle is described below.

The process starts at the southern hemisphere. The ice sheets at the southern end of the planet are evaporated by the intense of the sun. These vapours then travel to the North Pole by the breeze blowing across the planet. By the time it reaches the Northern end, half of the vapour is already lost. The ultra-violet radiations from the sun break down the water vapour into its constituents elements. The hydrogen gets released from the atmosphere and is lost in space. The rest of the vapour settles down in the Northern Pole.

A lot depends upon the orbit of the planet. The water cycle starts in every two years. Considering it concerning the earth’s water cycle, the time is considerably very long. The closeness to the sun enables the entire system. The middle layer of the atmosphere is cold. Due to the summers, the atmosphere becomes permeable for the vapours and the entire process takes place. Hence the entire process is highly dependent on the location of the planet. Speaking in terms of numbers, the southern hemisphere of the planet is 42 million kilometres closer to the Sun than its general location.

If the theory is proved to be true, a lot will depend on the future expeditions to the planet. Space companies and organizations all over the world are in a race to colonize the planet. If the theory is proved to be true, it will inch the whole humanity a step closer to the mission. Understanding the water cycle will help to grow vegetation according to the needs of the planet.

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