Toyota GR Supra, 2020 is back: this time with some more attractive features

Toyota GR Supra 2020 back with attractive features


The eye-catching and mind bobbling ride is back now and this time with DNA of BMW. However, this is going to make you nostalgic. It has a six powered Twin-turbo engine with the heart of BMW. One objection that will come to your mind is that it is too much similar to a BMW when you observe the interior. It comes with automatic gear transmission and has no manual option.

The previous version of The Supra pulled off the market in 1998. It was due to the high pricing of $40,508. People considered the price is too high and did not will to pay. Back in that time, Toyota Supra had more significant competitions. For the same price range, Porsche and BMW’s had some better options to hit the roads. Failing to stand the competition, Toyota stepped back.

The return of the Toyota Supra was planned as it caught limelight after the movie: The Fast and the Furious. Fans pleaded for its return. Soon, the market, the tuners, and racers also demanded its return.

Toyota decided to relaunch Supra as they will be having a good hold in the market for the rising demand of the car. Partnership with BMW has helped Toyota craft a beautiful design to attract the public.

Toyota GR Supra 2020 comes in versions. The standard version starts from $49,990, and the premium version costs $53,990.

Toyota kept its interior designs for Supra, same as ‘FT-1 Concept’. The overall size of the car is small as compared to FT-1 but still is classy in looks. It is a unique and modern equipped sports car. This car is going to give a healthy competition to the existing automobile industries.

Coming to exterior designs, Supra has blocked the hood and fender vents for increasing the efficiency of cooling and aerodynamic. This blockage is removal as per the taste of the rider. Toyota tried hard to keep Supra’s interior different from BMW Z4.

It is space conscious of being a two sitter. It allows two grown-up persons and average luggage in the boot.

The technical advancements in the Toyota Supra are mind-blowing. As stated it comes with the BMW’s iDrive technology. It is super advanced and comes with a 6.5-inch screen. It broadcasts weather reports. The drive technology of BMW has been praised by the Chief Engineer of Supra, Tatsuya Tada. He said, the technique of iDrive is more logical and is adaptable for all. IT also consists of an audio system by JBL, GPS navigation and Smartphone charging pad.

The previous version of Supra was under the category of sports grand tourers, but this variant is entirely categorized as a sports car. It has a rear wheel drive and engine on the front. It can accelerate from 0-60mph in 4.1 seconds. The overall review for the car is marvellous. A high-performance sports car with luxurious advancements will be the best one to opt for in 2020.

The Supra fans wait for the beast to arrive soon. It is believed that it will be a great success as Toyota GR Supra 2020 is outstanding in the field of the Sports car.


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