Remembering the Apollo 10 mission

While the world celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, many people made the big leap successful. The Apollo 11 crew was destined to be celebrated in history.     A lot of people believe that the Apollo 11 was the first manned mission to the moon. But before the Apollo 11 mission, it was the Apollo 10 which could have created history as the first man on the moon. The Apollo 10 mission set the stage for the Apollo 11 mission. The crew of the Apollo 10 mission included Commander Thomas P. Stafford, Eugene A. Cernan, the pilot of the lunar module and the command module pilot – John W. Young. The crew was exactly instructed to remain a considerable distance away from the moon and prepare for the next set of the team to land on the surface safely.

The lunar race began with John F. Kennedy’s vision for landing a man on the moon and bringing him back to Earth safely all within a decade long time. However, this made the nation’s organizations work carefully and made the ultimate aim successful. More than half a million people were engaged in the work, with the sole purpose of creating history. Many Astronauts lost their life in the early prototypes, but all the pain and the sacrifice was worth it.

Apollo 11 was not a disappointment. There were several things the missionaries taught us. From launching to Earth-orbital docking to descending the lunar lander, the mission was indeed in true essence a preparation for the Apollo 11 mission. The entire task was executed flawlessly. Young controlled the whole purpose from the command and service floating across the surface of the moon. The other two astronauts did their job successfully by undocking then descent successfully on the landing site. The entire conversation was recorded and was live streamed to the Earth.

Numerous incidents fascinated the astronauts looked out for space. From the Earthrise to the huge boulders on the planet, all the extraterrestrial things inspired awe among the crew. The pictures of the Earth rising from the darkness made the public go crazy about the mission. Coming so close to the destination was quite tempting for the astronauts to land on the moon. Edward Aldrin was destined to be the first astronaut on the moon. Some believe that the snoopy (the moon lander) was filled with enough fuel to land on the moon and not enough to make a round trip. The astronauts were in close supervision, and everything was made sure that everything goes according to the plan.

Since then many have successfully landed on the moon and have brought glory to their countries. But the history will always remain debted to the Apollo 10 crew. These are the real heroes in the truest sense. They could have created the history themselves, but it was the patience of the astronauts that they set the stage for the future generations to make history and advancements in space exploration.

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