Apple employees now getting Apple Cards, Report Says

On 25th March 2019, Apple has announced about its all-new Apple Card. This card was said to be one of the most innovative kind of credit card which is created by Apple, and the design is such that it leads the people to have a good financial life. This card is said to be built in such a way that it can get combined with the Apple Wallet app that is present on the iPhone.

The Apple Card was termed to be one the best card as it was said that this card would help the users with a better credit card experience. As per the company, this was possible as this card will help to simplify the application process as well as by eliminating fees and encouraging the customers to pay less interest as well as to provide all new level of privacy and security.

At the time of the announcement about this card from the company, it was said that the customers who all want to register for this could do this in the Wallet app that is present in their iPhone. After signing up for that, the customers can use it with the Apple Pay in the stores, in apps or anywhere in the world.  The support for the card is available for the users for about 24/7, and this can be done by sending a text from Messages.

As per the recent report from the mobile leaker, Ben Geskin said in its official Twitter account that it has now seen that some of the employees of the Apple are now getting this all-new Apple Cards. He too has given the proof of this statement by uploading the image of the Apple card in which the name of the employee was edited so that the source is protected.  The packaging of this card is seen to be similar to the packaging of the AirPods.

The Apple Card is made in collaboration with the Goldsman Sachs Bank and Master Cards. The card is seen to be made by using the 100 per cent metal, and with durable titanium. As a result, this makes the Apple Card as one of the unique credit cards. If you look at the images of the Apple Card that are uploaded in the Twitter account, one can see that there is no serial number or any kind of expiry date. You will only find a single chip that is present on the card which can be used for the payment. The name of the user is laser etched on the card. The number of the card will be available only on the iPhone Wallet App. To get the number of the card, you need to pair the Apple Card with the iPhone and then unlock the phone. After that hold, the iPhone in front of the card and you will notice that the card will then get automatically pair with the iPhone. This process is very much similar to the AirPods pairing method. Apart from this all, as per another source, the company may launch this service for the customers later this summer.

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