Understanding Time Warps and the future of Time Travel

Time Wraps and future of Time Travel


Time travel has been an ambition of decades for scientists and the general public alike. Thanks to recent advancements in science, scientists are on the verge of detecting the unknown realms of time. In a recent event, scientists have detected a time warp. In layman terms, time wrap refers to the phenomenon that can either slow down or can speed up the flow of time.

Time wrap has been known to scientists for over a hundred years. In the year 1905, Albert Einstein came forward with his theory of special relativity. A decade later the celebrated scientist came up with an updated version of his theory, the Theory of Relativity. The theory focused on two of the most important things. Elements that this entire universe depends upon – space and time. According to the theory, mass can affect the entire system. This fact has been proved by the recently proved by the discovery of gravitational waves.

Hence it has been quite obvious that the heavier masses bend more gravity in comparison to the lighter ones. Bodies like a black hole, which have the mass thousand times greater than the sun, are the most effective ones in bending the time-space fabric. To gauge the effect of the phenomena, let us consider that you are near to a black hole. But mind here, you are not much near to the black hole, unless then the body will drag you inside. You are somewhere near the event horizon, the nearest space to the black hole which is not affected by the gravitational pull of the black hole. In such a scenario, a person will feel the time dilated. The time may be running smoothly on some other planet, but near the black hole, it will just crawl as slowly as possible.

Although black holes can be a bizarre example of time travel, other methods can work with these latest discoveries. There are theoretical elements known as wormholes. These elements act as a bridge between one point of space-time fabric to another on the same plane. These wormholes are useful in the true sense that these wormholes do not bend light or any other object passing through it. The wormholes are believed to exist in the microscopic details. But these elements are so small that they do not survive for even a fraction of time.

There exists another option too. Cosmic strings are tubes of energy that are yet to be proved. These strings when combined can alter the time in unimaginable ways. But the entire setup needs an infinite amount of energy which is seemingly impossible with the current state of technologies.

There has been an increase in the activities in this domain. Space and time remain an unexplored territory, and thousands of researchers are working on it to make a dent in the entire ecosystem. Only a few decades we have achieved so much in the domain and just a few decades, space and time travel may become a sport for children. 


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