The disease of dogs can be transmitted to humans, warned the officials in Iowa

Diseases can be transmitted from dogs to humans


Recently, officials have warned the public regarding a disease, which can be transferred to humans from dogs. Many cases of canine Brucellosis have been reported that affects humans and dogs in dog breeding facilities. According to Dr Jeff Kaisand, the state veterinarian, the disease has been confirmed in Marion country from dog breeding facilities. On a news release, the departments of Agriculture, Iowa states, the humans who have exposed to the disease have expressed the symptoms of the disease. It is identified that the bacteria responsible for the disease is zoonotic bacteria. The disease can get transmitted to one animal to other animals along with the humans.

The bacterial disease zoonotic refers to transmission to other living bodies. The disease is transferred to other animals and humans by the reproductive fluids. There are different symptoms of the disease in dogs that cause stillbirths, infertility and abortions. In humans, the symptoms are headache, fever, weakness and joint pain. The veterinarians have advised the individuals who are acquiring dogs from the Marion country, should get their dogs tested. The owners of the dogs should be extra careful about the people and animal that comes in contact with the pet.

Any individual who comes exposed to the tissues, blood or other bodily fluid of the dog, are at high risk of getting affected by the disease. However, the chances of getting affected by the disease for the owners of the dog are low. Only the veterinary staffs at the time of giving birth to the dog get exposed to the bodily fluids of the dog. The concerned disease is very common in small dog breeding facilities and kennels, according to IDPH.

A post on Facebook says, about 32 dogs have been purchased and being tested with the disease. Certain bio-security measures have been taken by the dog breeder facility to get the facility disease free. The affected dogs have been isolated and provided proper treatment to prevent transmission to other animals and humans. The officials have advised the pet owners to wash their hands regularly when comes in contact with their dogs. The dogs should undergo certain tests before adopting or buying from the breeding facility. It is advised to adopt the dogs rather than buying.

Now many dogs are tested positive with the disease in several dog breeding facilities. People who exposed to the reproductive fluids of the dog are advised to consult their doctors to prevent the disease from spreading. The symptoms of the disease can be dangerous if not identified at an earlier stage. However, it is more hazardous for dogs than humans as humans at lower risk of being affected by the disease. So the Iowa officials are warning the pet owners about this disease that may cause severe damage to the reproductive system of their pet. Additionally, the owners can be at risk of getting affected by the disease. Reproductive fluids of the affected dog are considered as the carrier of the disease.


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