How good is the Google Pixel 3a XL?

Google Pixel 3a XL


Recently Google at its annual event, it was announced as well as released the all-new Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL. These two smartphones are considered to be the budget mid-range smartphones for the users from the company.  This smartphone comes with some high-end features which make the smartphone as one of the best smartphones in the mid-range.

The all-new Google Pixel 3a XL has got the 1080p, and it has got a single front-facing speaker. The screen quality of the phone is very good, and it has got OLED displays in them. The colour that is displayed on the screen is very warm. Vibrant as well as got some viewing angles with some excellent touch senses. It comes with the Asahi Dragontrail Glass Protection.

If you look at the Google Pixel 3a XL smartphone, then it settles with a 10nm Snapdragon 670 SoC. In this, you will find about 2 Kryo 360 gold power cores and 6 Kyro 360 silver efficiency cores. When it comes to the power cores, it is based on the Cortex A75 where the efficiency cores are said to be based on the Cortex A55. Moreover, Google has also added by Titan M security module, and it comes with encrypting, and it saves all the data as well as passwords and biometrics.

The Google Pixel 3a XL has got the rear cameras which are identical as well as it comes with the hardware-wise on the handsets. The camera comes with the 12.2 MP dual-pixel rear camera which o ones with f/1.8 aperture, dual pixel phase detection capabilities and auto-focus.  If you take a look at the front cameras, then it comes with the 8 MP wide-angle lens with an f/2.0 aperture.

The battery capacity of the Google Pixel 3a XL is about 3700 mAH battery. The capacity of the battery is more than Pixel 3 XL. But this battery power is combined with the less powerful processor, and it comes with the low-resolution display. This must result in good battery life. The smartphone supports the fast charging facility, and the charging mode is wired which is non-glass and polycarbonate back. 

The new 3a XL comes with the single 64 GB configuration. This means the users who need some large space have to limit it if they go for this smartphone. This limitation is one such disadvantage that this phone is having concerning other smartphones in this range.

The best part of the Google Pixel 3a XL is it comes with a promise from the company in which the company has stated in a statement that it guarantees the users that this new Pixel 3a XL will get a three years long monthly security update. Moreover, the company has recently in its I/O event 2019 has launched the all-new Android Q beta. But the disappointment part of this event is the all-new Google Pixel 3a XL which is said to be budget smartphone from the company is not a part of this program till now.


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