Google wants you to uninstall your old apps

The recent Google I/O event brought a lot of changes to the entire Android ecosystem. Several services were introduced, and people all around the corner of the world accepted the changes with great fanfare. Among all these chaos, one of the services that received mixed reviews is the new update that reminds users of uninstalling the old and unused apps. This might be a setback for the developers’ community. There are hundreds of thousands of applications that haven’t received updates for a long time. These apps were generally made by the developers who wanted to try their luck in the Play store but unfortunately could not achieve much. Another possible reason for the existence of such apps is that these apps were built for experiential purposes and were not meant to be a great hit. There can be several reasons why such applications exist, and Google wants to chop them all and make the Play store clutter free.

The step seems to be similar to the efforts of Google way back in 2016. Back in 2016, Google wanted to remove all the unnecessary apps through its application; the uninstall manager. The uninstall manager worked on similar principles and sent notifications from time to time to uninstall the undesired or less utilized applications. The new update works on the same principles, but instead of updates in the form of pop-ups, the notification will be shown in the Play store app itself. The recommendation will be shown in the notification area of the app itself. The user can select which apps to uninstall, and the system will show how much memory will be freed up by uninstalling the apps form the device.

Other major updates are coming to the Play store as well. The updated rating system is one of them. The current rating system shows the cumulative average of user reviews. This helped companies that have a large user base. Any updated feature to the apps that were not well received was easily covered up by the large number of positive feedbacks. This helps the larger companies to cover up their mistakes.

The new updates will change this too. The users will be able to see the user ratings for every version of the app instead of the cumulative average. This will make the system fair for all types of companies. The service is expected to be rolled out by August, but many companies and developers will be able to see their current ratings in the Google Play Console itself.

This myriad of changes come in the wake-up allegations on Google. The company is believed to be sharing the users’ data with the Chinese government. A Buzzfeed analysis found this, and many of the apps were immediately removed from the Play store as the story gained popularity. There are a lot more updates that are going to come in the Android ecosystem. The company is trying to keep it as open as it can but without losing control of the ecosystem. Measures like these are nothing but a short of quality check.     

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