A massive asteroid will pass the Earth on 19th of May

The Hollywood movies have always shown the destruction of the earth through an alien species or a giant asteroid. While the asteroid thing may have been a thing of past and might have destroyed almost all life form, getting hit by a large asteroid is not an option anymore.

Talking of asteroid, there is a large asteroid that will pass through the earth on the 19th of May, 11.21 p.m ET. The asteroid has been named 2019 JB1 by the NASA. The asteroid is giant enough to dwarf the Statue of Liberty and the Great Pyramid of Giza. Read our complete report down below to know more about the event.

The NASA first spotted the asteroid 2019 JB1 at the very beginning of this month. The organization classified the object as a near-Earth object or NEO in short. According to the NASA’s Centre for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS), near-Earth object or NEO objects are large celestial bodies that have been attracted by the gravitational force of the planets that make it a part of the Earth’s orbit for a small duration of time.

This is not for the first time that a huge asteroid is flying across the Earth’s orbit. Most of the asteroids and comets are affected by the gravitational pull of the planets and hence enter our orbit. The NEOs are tracked constantly by major organizations across the world. According to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the asteroid is a one-time thing. The asteroid will pass across the Earth for a short duration of time and will then get vanish in the cosmos for eternity. This has bought relief to many of the scientists and government organizations across the world.

Speaking of the physical dimensions of the asteroid, the estimated measures of the asteroid’s diameter lies somewhere between 550 feet and 1,300 feet. In comparison to the some of the highest points on the earth, the length of the asteroid is almost three times as large as the Giza’s pyramid and almost four times taller than the Statue of Liberty. Even at 550 feet wide, the asteroid is larger than both of the monuments combined.

The gigantic size of the asteroid is frightening. The asteroid holds the potential of causing a huge catastrophe in whichever place it falls. But the catastrophe is still a way far. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA has confirmed that the asteroid will pass a few million away from the earth surface. The entire event is expected to be harmless. The asteroid will pass the earth four million away from the surface of the earth at a speed of 58,000 miles per hour. While four million is pretty far in terms of geographical distance, the distance is nothing when compared to the astronomical distances. Interestingly, the distance is almost 17 times the distance of the moon from Earth.

Our planet faces thousands of such events every year and has successfully survived all these events. The governments of almost all nations have made their presence in the space and in case of any calamity the governments are prepared to avoid as far as possible.

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