Latest leaks about the new iPhone 11

Latest news about iPhone 11.


Steve Jobs changed the world with his groundbreaking gadgets and helped to shape the world with his breathtaking products. But after the demise of the legend the company has struggled to keep the innovation around. Apple since has been languishing in the world of technology. But the bad days are soon to become a thing of past as the company is preparing for a grand launch with the latest iPhone. Read below to know more.

According to the recent leaks by the famous Apple fanboy, Steve Hemmerst offer the new iPhone or the iPhone 11, as it might be called, comes with three cameras on it. This feature has been expected by many as the Samsung has already launched its phones with three cameras on it. The three cameras feature help to capture wide-angle pictures with the pictures looking naturally beautiful in the setup. iPhones are long known for their cameras, and with the latest addition of three cameras, the photographs are bound to take a quantum leap.

The lens is arranged in a triangular manner and from the looks of it, they look bigger and bulkier to the eyes. Questions may be raised why the arrangement is not in a straight vertical line. The large size of the lens prohibits it from being in a straight, vertical line. Apple has been falling in the rankings of the camera from a quite long time; this new addition will make a huge difference in the world of mobile photography.

Regarding the other factors of the phone, the new iPhone will have almost similar dimensions with almost negligible changes. The notches and brezels are expected to reduce down further, but the change is too small to mark any major change.

There are also rumors that the phone will be 5G enabled. With the latest technology (5G) at the verge of launching, companies across the world are preparing themselves for the latest innovation. The launch is still impending and is expected to launch by major telecom providers across the world around the same time. Not only this, the smartphone companies are betting huge on foldable phones too. This makes Apple lag far behind the race. Hence it is high time for the brand to prepare for the battle. Chances are there that the new model will come with 5G. Unless it comes with the latest specifications, the company is bound to get a setback for a long period. Apple is known for its innovation. With Steve Jobs gone, the company is struggling a lot. The recent ventures of the company in the field of content and music subscriptions gives a glimpse of what the new Apple is up to. Apple is up to increase the size of its ecosystem and is trying to monetize on its existing customer base by selling content. But it is equally hard to accept that the numbers are going down every day and Apple has to come up with innovation to remain in the race as one of the world’s most valuable company.


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