A few details about the recent mishap of SpaceX’s crew dragon are revealed

NASA has a deal with the SpaceX for the commercial spacecraft that will be carrying the astronauts of NASA to and from the International Space Station. The crew dragon capsule of SpaceX is built to get involved in the next mission of NASA. Recently an explosion has taken place at the time of the ground test of the crew dragon. The explosion occurred on Saturday at Cape Canaveral, Florida. The cause of the mishap was not cleared yet as NASA and SpaceX had not provided any details about the cause of the accident on Saturday.

The spacecraft has returned to ISS after which was involved in a recent mishap. The spacecraft has returned from 6 days test flight. The mission, in which, the spacecraft was involved was unpiloted. The test flight was put to the mission as it will carry the astronauts later. The spaceflight designed for testing was demo-1, is Pathfinder flight. The next flight is a demo -2 which will be used by NASA for orbital launch. The safety of the astronauts is the prime concern, so the flight underwent testing to find the loopholes of the crew capsule

After the explosion on Saturday, the investigating team of SpaceX and NASA is working on the system to find the cause of the explosion. According to Sandra Magnus- a member of aerospace safety advisory panel as well as a former astronaut of NASA, there is much work to be completed before the testing of the demo-2 flight. The demo-1 flight was unscrewed and only a pathfinder flight. The next test flight will be a crewed flight. There are many issues to be solved and changes to be done before the testing of demo-2. After fixing the problem in demo-1, demo-2 can be tested later this year.

The abort engine of the crew dragon, SuperDraco got exploded at the time of testing recently. Abort system of any spacecraft should be reliable as the safety of the astronauts depends on that. The firing of 8 SuperDracos caused the anomaly on Saturday while testing said, Sanders. SpaceX’s crew dragon capsule carries over one and a half tons of caustic propellant mix. The fume released by the explosion of the crew dragon has a hazardous effect on living beings. The investigation team has collected all the data after the accident of the crew dragon on Saturday.

The team of SpaceX is working on re-designing of the spacecraft and fixes the loopholes of the abort system of the spacecraft. It can’t be said whether the crew capsule mission of SpaceX will get affected by the recent mishap or not, said Sandra Magnus. The team of SpaceX is confident enough that they will find the cause soon and get it fixed. The demo-2 testing is scheduled for September this year. But after the explosion of the demo-1 test flight, it is uncertain, whether SpaceX will give the timely delivery or not. The next mission of NASA is dependent on this spacecraft by SpaceX.

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