Vaccination should not be blamed for the global outbreak of measles

Measles is spreading rapidly in the United States and breaking previous records of measles cases. The massive outbreak of measles in the country worries the authority. According to the statement of FDA, vaccination is not responsible for the outbreak of measles in the country. Though the disease was eradicated twenty years ago from the United States, this year the country is facing a massive outbreak. The center for disease control and prevention has issued a report this week that says; the United States is going to exceed the records of post-eradication measles cases in 2019. The cases are increasing rapidly within weeks. So vaccination can’t hold responsible for the massive outbreak.

According to the center for disease control and prevention, there is a total of 555 cases of measles are reported in twenty states within January to 11th of April. In last week, 90 new cases of measles are reported from New York state, said CDC. It is the highest number of cases reported in the last two decades. According to an advisory by CDC, the current number of measles cases is 667, post-eradication after 2000. The reported cases can exceed in coming weeks in the United States.

Except in the United States, there are many countries around the world facing a measles crisis this year. In the earlier months of the year 2019, the measles cases have been increased 300 percent worldwide as compared to the last year. WHO published the data in detail. The affected countries are Ethiopia, Thailand, Madagascar, Ukraine, Sudan, Myanmar and many more. Despite high vaccination rate the countries like Israel, Tunisia and the United States are facing massive measles outbreak. The statement issued by the FDA on 22nd of April reveals the vaccine for mump, measles and Rubella is highly effective. The preventive vaccines prevent the transmission of the virus as well as the complications by the disease.

The WHO and CDC also issued a similar statement like FDA that vaccination is not to be blamed for the increase in cases of measles in the country. The low vaccination communities have a higher rate of measles cases reported, according to the CDC and WHO. The group of infected people spreads diseases among healthy individuals. Most of the Young children are the victim of measles. Currently, many regions have confirmed cases of measles such as New Jersey, Maryland, Oregon, and New Hampshire. Washington, Rockland country and Michigan also reported cases of measles. About 22 states are affected by the contagious disease as per the report on the 19th of April.

Measles is usually a common disease, but the disease can be fatal if not treated properly. The United States was facing 3 to 5 million cases of measles before the invention of the MMR vaccine, each year. Hundreds of deaths were occurring every year due to measles that leads to brain swelling and blindness. The disease mainly infects young children, so the parents are advised to get their children vaccinated. The ignorance and misinformation about the vaccine made the parents prevent them from vaccination in some communities in the US.

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