Samsung Galaxy Fold new shipping date is 13th June 2019, AT&T Says

As the Samsung Galaxy Fold has got some issues with its folding screen, it is now seen that Samsung has canceled its recent launch event. Not only this, as per some reports from AT&T, it said that the shipping date for the folding smartphones from Samsung has now been changed to 13th June 2019.

Earlier, it was seen that Samsung was due to release its all-new technologically advanced Samsung Galaxy Fold on 26th April 2019 in the United States. Before that the customers who all want to have this phone has already pre-ordered it from the Samsung official site.  But recently there are reports of issues that comes after the company has provided the demo samples to some reporters to use and review it. After that, the breaking of the screen in the smartphone has been reported by them. But Samsung in a statement said that this has occurred as the thin protective layer which was present above the screen has been removed, and this makes the screen to break.

Later in another statement, the company said that the message about not to remove the thin protective cover had not been conveyed properly for which this mishap has occurred. But after this problem, it is seen that Samsung has now postponed its launching dates as well as now it has delayed the shipping dates.

Earlier in the initial reports, it said that Samsung is now responding to the reports which said that the display issue on the review units is now under investigation. But later it said that the release of the Samsung Fold phone would in the schedule as it is and it will get launched on 26th April 2019. 

In its press briefing that is done by the company after this issue states that the protective layer which is present over the screen should not be removed by any means. This is because this is the only layer that helps in making the screen flexible enough to get a fold. Yesterday, it was confirmed by the company, it has delayed the release to add you with more guidance for the consumers on care, but the use of the display includes the protective layer.

In the recent report, it is now seen that AT&T is sending the emails to all the customers who have pre-order the new Galaxy Fold and said in it about the new shipping date which is 13th of June.  This seems that the carrier systems have required a date to keep the pre-orders active.  In the email, it is written that to make the order active, federal regulations now required to gain the acceptance of all the new shipping dates. And you need to click on the button below to make it active, and for that, they have provided a link in the email itself. You need to click the email to make the new shipping date for Samsung Fold smartphone active and accepts the date as well.  

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