A new mode in surface skipping of water: Water walking

The researchers of Utah University discover a new mode of surface skipping of water. The water surface skipping discovered in Splash lab is termed as Water walking. The discovery was made with the collaboration of scientists at Brown University and Naval undersea warfare center in Newport the new mode was discovered in Utah State University’s Splash lab. Tadd Truscott- professor of mechanical engineering and his team, have unraveled the working and impression of the elastic spheres on the water surface. The study by the team was published in a Journal Scientific Reports recently. According to the report, the study focuses on the interaction of elastic spheres with water and gives an idea about the water walking design for the future.

The cameras incorporate for the research are of High speed to study the elastomeric spheres that are skipping over the water. The process of water walking is possible when the elastic spheres acquired speed in the initial impact. That causes an elastic sphere to become in an oblong and deformed shape. The sphere looks identical to stone in that deformed shape. The behavior of the sphere is signified by moving in parallel with the surface of the water. The upper portion (the tip) of the stone shape sphere was dipped below the surface of water each time the rotation occurs. The impression of the elastic sphere walking over the surface of the water is made when the sides which are shorter pass above the water.

So it is termed as water walking. According to Truscott, the discovery will help in the future creating water walking drones. The research is too long, and the study is not that simple, but the discovery gave some practical aspects for drones with water walking technology. The team revealed the water walking is of two types. The one type that skips two times in a rotation and the second type that skips for once in a rotation.

An equation controls the distinction between the two different types. The equation enables the researchers to calculate the exact number of skipping that occurs with every rotation.  With this discovery, the water impacts of physics will be understood better. The study holds more importance in ocean engineering, maritime and naval operation. The study published in prestigious Journal has many future applications, said the researchers. The research by the team of researchers provides the insight of water walking design. The findings of the study revealed how the elastic sphere walk on the surface of the water.

The findings of the research are huge in the field of physics and provide insights about water walking. The research was conducted by incorporating cameras of high speed to record the elastic sphere over water. The skips on the water surface are calculated by an equation derived by the scientists. The water skipping is termed as water walking strategically as it gives the illusion of an elastic sphere walking on the surface of the water. The findings of the study with a combination of technology can able to invent new water walking drones. The application of this discovery is huge in the future by understanding the water walking physics.

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