Sets – The long-awaited feature of Windows 10 has been scrapped

Feature of Windows 10 scrapped.


Back in 2017 when Microsoft previewed two new features of Windows 10, the Microsoft fanboys went crazy. The company unveiled two new features that were supposed to make its way to Windows 10 eventually. These features were called Timeline and Sets. While Timeline made its way into Windows 10 as a part of April 2018 Update, there is recent news of the sets being scrapped by Microsoft.

Microsoft Sets was essentially a Windows management feature that allowed multiple websites and other information to be grouped under a single tab. This was believed to be something similar to the tabs of a web browser. There is no doubt that Microsoft did not work on it. The sets feature was tested through the Microsoft Insider Program, but the program did not receive many positive reviews from the community. The feature needed work until it could have been made commercially available. Sets were also purposed to be integrated with Microsoft’s other products like Windows 365 and the gaming console, X Box.

The news came into limelight when Microsoft’s Senior Program Manager Rich Turner made some recent comments on the popular micro-blogging site Twitter. The tweet was addressed to an old article which was dated June 29 and was about tabs debut in the Windows Console. The Console team still wants to have the Sets feature in the console, but they are not allowed to use any part of the previous code.

The decision to scrap the Sets feature was made very early on. Microsoft decided to re-do Edge completely using the Chromium project. Chromium is an open source project, and Google Chrome also works on this project. Integrating the Sets feature with the revamped browser required a lot of effort and the team might have to delay the new project. The other option was to leave the browser without any support for Sets for months.  Either way, it would have cost time. Hence the team decided to scarp the Sets program. Looking at Rich Turner’s tweet, the project could not have been scrapped completely, and there are some chances of seeing Sets in one form or another. The popularity of the program will not allow the makers to scrap the work completely and hence there are still speculations about the program.

The release date of the program has always been uncertain. Since its inception, Microsoft didn’t make any promises about the program. Gradually the program took the pace. In the initial days, Set was supposed to work with the Universal Windows Platform applications only. But over time, the project was modified to include third-party applications into the program.

It is not uncommon for big companies to modify features or even close the projects midway. The new Microsoft under the leadership of Mr Satya Nandella is unique. It is not common for Microsoft to announce big ambitious programs publicly and then shelve these programs after a few months. The developers still look forward to the new feature and expect the comeback of Sets in one form or another.


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