Samsung Galaxy Fold’s release date postponed

Samsung Galaxy Fold date postponed.


After having a bad reputation with the release of Galaxy 7, Samsung finally has something that excites the entire world. The foldable gadgets are the future. Samsung along with Huawei are competing to release the first foldable device in the world. The story does not end here. Samsung has distributed a few samples of its device for initial reviews, and several flaws have been found in the new gadget due to which the company has shifted the release date of the new foldable phone. When the company first showcased the world the prototype of its first foldable phone, the whole world marvelled at the wonders at which heights technology has reached. Samsung is now leading the march to the future, which once Apple and Steve Jobs did.

In a statement, Samsung acknowledged the fact that there were problems in the hinges that affected the display of the device. Further, the company went on to say that the display might have been affected by the internal components of the device. The company stated that it needed some time for running more tests and work on the suggestions from the reviewers.  

The Wall Street Journal first suggested the news for the delay. Following the news, there was a tweet by Engadget’s Richard Lai about the events in Hong Kong and Shanghai getting delayed. The delay in the supposed launch events raises questions on the device itself. The device has been long awaited and is certainly making a buzz. The delays have raised questions on the future of foldable phones itself.

The screen of the device is made of plastic instead of glass. Reviewers found that, after the plastic covering has been peeled off, the device was rendered useless. Some other reviewers found that the left part of the screen flickered a lot, while there was a bulge on the screen when the screen was folded. All the flaws made Samsung reconsider the device for tests. The initial devices that were already produced have been rendered useless now.

The company sent emails to the reviewers that the company is working on the recommendations and would try to work on additional tests and return with the new shipping date within two weeks. Samsung is not charging anything from the cards right now and has made a statement that they will only charge for the product after the shipment. Currently, the phone comes with a 7.3-inch screen and costs around 2000 dollars, making it one of the costliest phones of all time. Samsung has been in a tough competition with the Huawei. Delay in Samsung’s foldable phones may give an edge to Huawei devices and the spot for the first foldable device. During the launch of these devices, the entire technology industry made comparisons between the two devices. While some considered Huawei better, others stuck to Samsung’s Galaxy. Also, there are rumours around the town about the Motorola working on its device. The fight for the best foldable phone has already started, but the high cost of these devices has kept many people away from the cutting edges technologies. With time and mass adoption of these technologies, the prices are expected to move down.


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