Bugs to be fixed in the Fortnite battle Royale v8.50 update version

An updated version of Fortnite Battle V8.50.


The bugs and glitches have been ruling the Fortnite Battle Royale, and the players of the game had been waiting for getting the game fixed up. With the recent changes in the game, the epic games are under several scrutinies like those of the restriction of players to native resolutions, removal of the siphon mechanic. The players are continuing to slam the developer for the faulty development of the game.

The players posted numerous issues of the audio bug which has been reported by the players. The game has many audio bugs like there will be gun sounds when there will be no one around, and this rose the players into an outrage unanimously. The game also has an issue, and that is the trap placement glitch where the players would plant the trap for the enemies. But by default, the trap gets placed in some other place and especially other than the selected wall. The enemies do not fall into the trap, and they do not deploy the trap.

Some changes are to be brought in the weapons pick up as well. This is confirmed that the weapon pick up will be altered in the update of the v8.50 version and especially to the feature “hold to swap.” The alteration would be that the change or the swap of the weapons are now on the release of the button rather than the initial press of the button.

The players are expecting to the fullest out of the update that is about to hit the audience, and according to the post, the update is expected to be brought on the 23rd or 24th of April. The players merely loved the plot of the game, and this is the very reason why they have been requesting for the updates.  The game was developed with many of the bugs which made it quite a difficult task for the players.

The trap issue was the one that was the most hectic ones for the players. These traps will now not be placed in the middle of a tile and will be placed against the selected wall. Epic is now continuing addressing the players in the game community about the fixations that are to be brought. There will be no sound of the reloading of the weapons on the middle of nowhere. This correction was quite a sought one by the players.

The ghost audio bug is something that the players mostly complaint of. The developers will also correct this, and the update of the version will be one of the best game for the players to spend their time without the silly bugs. The switching of the weapons or the sniper firing sound was the most common one that was heard in the predecessor of the update that is about to come in the places where there was no one around. Thus, the players are now waiting for the update of the version to experience a better gaming experience.


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