NASA is all prepared to launch its cargo Dragon

NASA prepared for the launch of cargo Dragon.


Days after SpaceX’s Dragon crew aircraft showed anomalies in its tests, NASA is moving ahead with the company’s Dragon cargo aircraft. There have been slight delays in the plans, but there are no such major hints of cancelling the plan. On the 22nd of April, there was a media teleconference that confirmed that NASA would be transporting their cargo through the designated CRS-17 only. The launch time would be April 30 at 4:22 A.M. The announcement came three days earlier than the previously designated date – 26th of April. The reason that the space organization gave was orbital and station constraints.

In the event, NASA did not speak about the anomalies in the Crew Dragon that are part of the spacecraft’s abort system. The confidence that NASA is showing regarding their cargo missions tells us that the same thrusters are not being used in the cargo mission. Varied uncertainties are revolving around the space mission as the investigation of the recent case is still on and can reveal important facts regarding space exploration. Further to make matter worse the different international partners of the space station can delay the launch to the station.

In a recent event, SpaceX filed for a licensed for its Falcon 9. The reusable rockets usually land at the Zone 1but this time the drone-ship landed at a short distance from its usual landing ground – Zone 1, making it a matter of speculation for the audience in general. Some believe that the site is being prepared for the next launch, while some of the other analysts think that the investigation is still on.

The mission is of utmost importance as the cargo will include more than 1,700 kilograms of loads. The cargo includes various experimentation and various other scientific loads for conducting various experimentation in the space. One such experiment is “tissue chip”. The testing could enhance the speed of testing the treatments in micro gravity. Another such experiment called Photobioreactor will engage the growth of the living organism, namely algae, in the space. If done successfully, the days are not far when we would be able to grow food crops in space.

One of the important aspect that the Dragon cargo would be carrying is the Orbiting Carbon Observatory or as known as OCO 3 in the common name. The lab will be attached as a module to the space station and would carry out different experimentation on the levels of carbon dioxide.

There are a lot of exciting things that are happening at the International Space Station. The recent failure of the crew spacecraft is frightening, but in the end, it is the excitement to explore new grounds that are more important than a failed rocket. Science is on the verge of explosion with discoveries and inventions made every day. Companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin are shifting the paradigms of science exploration and space discovery. On the long run, it is the humanity that is ultimately going to reap benefits even after we are long gone.


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