Measles outbreak alerts in L.A.

Measles outbreak.


The public health officials of the United States declared the outbreak of measles in Los Angeles after there were five cases confirmed by the residents and these were the first cases of illness in the country this year.

The five cases which are confirmed are not the ones which are reported by the people previously with the infection travelling through the county and largely at the International airport in loss Angeles. They do not include any of the cases where any can be identified in the beaches or Pasadena as stated by the County Department of the public health in Los Angeles in a press release.

Four local patients are linked to one another after international travel. In the fifth case, the person had the illness after having travel out of the country as stated by the official. Most of the patients are found to be non-vaccinated.

Currently, there is no measles risk on the airport at any of the measles-prone areas but anyone present during those times would have developed measles. In California, there were 23 cases of measles which was found in California. This report was put out the department of the public health of the state. The figure also does not include new cases in Los Angeles County.

There are 626 cases confirmed in the whole nation since the first of January of the year 2019 according to the reports of the Centers for Disease control and prevention. This agency also claims that this has been the second highest cases of measles after the elimination of the measles from the nation since the year 2000.

In the year 2016, there were 667 reports in the year 2014. People have not been vaccinated against the infection tend to have a weak immunity to the disease, and thus they have a higher risk of developing the disease. The symptoms of measles are fever, severe cough, runny nose, red eyes, and nose. The infection tends to show its impact until 21 days if not treated well. Thus the public health officials are putting all the possible efforts to eradicate the whole thing from the nation as soon as possible.

If you have no symptoms developed within 21 days after the exposure to the infection, then you can make sure that you are under no risk of developing the measles. People infected with the disease can also infect others, and this is so because the disease is highly communicable. Within four days of the exposure to the infected people, the rash can be developed in the body.

Almost 90% per cent of the unvaccinated people are suffering from the issue and thus taking the vaccines for measles has been made mandatory by the government of the nation. The unvaccinated people have the rash up to a week to three weeks. People can get immunized perfectly with the two doses of the vaccination. The public health department is now putting all the efforts to eradicate the disease out of the nation. The cases of illness are many, but the only solution is vaccination.


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