Two million Israelis not vaccinated against Measles

Israelis not vaccinated against Measles.


The outbreak of Measles from September worries the Israelis along with other countries in the world. On Tuesday, The Israeli media Canal 13 report revealed that more than two million people in Israel are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated against measles virus. The media report revealed the seriousness of the current situation in Israel and the difficulty health depart of Israel is facing in resolving the issue. According to Channel 13 report, the health department said, there are 115,000 doses of MMR and 100,000 doses of MMRV vaccines. The experts on public health and infectious diseases are collecting data on the occurrence of infectious disease. The state controller- Jozef Shapira is examining the Health department’s measures on Measles outbreak.

The health ministry of Israel has already issued a statement addressing the public about the outbreak of measles in the country. The disease is spreading, and one patient in every ten patients is needed to be hospitalized, stated in the statement by the health ministry. The report generated at that time said, two cases of chickenpox lead to death, and two patients have meningitis. There are almost three percentages of measles patients who have pneumonia in hospitalized condition. Now the health ministry of Israel is facing criticism as the disease becomes epidemic in the country. The city Jerusalem has the most nonvaccinated population; the critics blame the health department for that due to delay in the start of vaccination in that area.

According to the officials of the health department, the reason for the outbreak of measles in the communities of Jerusalem is the failure of vaccination in mother and the children. The critics have blamed the government for lacking support to Titus Halav, the early childhood clinics. In early childhood clinics, most of the babies have received the early vaccines. Critics also said that the health department of the country had not taken any action against the doctors who spread false information regarding the vaccine and doesn’t encourage the public to get vaccinated. Additionally, people who born between 1957 to 1977 have received only a single dose of vaccine. So those individuals are partially protected against the measles virus.

Although the health ministry claims that the immunization rate is highest in the country among the countries in the world, still two million people are unvaccinated against measles. The children need to get vaccinated in the initial state, but due to parents negligence and ignorance, they deprived of the vaccine. According to a report on Israel Hiio, over 500 children in about four schools in Pardess Hanna, Hafia have not been vaccinated. The health department was not concerned about the outbreak until November. The disease is becoming an epidemic and spreading rapidly in the country.

According to that report, the health ministry of Israel is not able to prevent the outbreak as there are 2000 cases of measles are reported over the last few months in the country. The lack of monitoring of the vaccination process by health ministry is held responsible for the outbreak of measles in the country.


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