SpaceX’s new spaceship for NASA explodes during a safety test

New spaceship explodes during safety test.


The video of SpaceX’s crew Dragon being exploded is making rounds on the internet. The video as posted on twitter claims the spacecraft by SpaceX for NASA is exploded during the safety test. SpaceX has attempted a safety test on its crew dragon spacecraft on Saturday. But the test didn’t go as per the expectation. The test was successful initially in Cape Canaveral, Florida but resulted in an explosion, says SpaceX in a statement. The crew dragon spacecraft is designed for the commercial crew program by NASA. The spacecraft will carry astronauts to and from the ISS.

According to SpaceX, the team is committed to ensuring the safety of the spacecraft. The team is working on finding the reason behind the failure of the safety test at the landing zone 1 at Cape Canaveral. The spacecraft has flown successfully to ISS in March without crew. SpaceX has previously said that the spacecraft could carry the astronauts to ISS early in summer. But now after the failure of a safety test, it is uncertain, and the schedule that previously decided is under review.

The spacecraft was carrying a dummy that is of a human size called Ripley along with a toy that is plush globe shaped. The spacecraft has docked with ISS successfully. After six long days of the mission, the spacecraft splashed in the Atlantic Ocean safely. The mission has marked a significant milestone in the field of developing human-carrying spacecraft to space. SpaceX has revealed the current explosion of the crew Dragon capsule is due to the static fire of emergency rocket system.

The safety test was done to ensure that the system meets the safety standards by NASA. The initial test was successful through the test resulted in anomaly at the test stand in Florida. A reddish-orange smoke is visible on the sky from miles of distance, that suggest malfunction of the engine of the spacecraft, said Spaceflight Now. Then on Sunday, a video on twitter claims the failure of SpaceX’s spacecraft safety test. The video circulated on Twitter has indicated the explosion of the engine of the spacecraft. SpaceX is working on the loopholes of the spacecraft to land the crew dragon successfully. Though a photo showed a large amount of smoke on the sky at the testing site on the Florida Today website, NASA and SpaceX have not given any detail about it.

The administrator of NASA Jim Bridenstine said NASA is relying on Boeing’s Starliner and SpaceX’s spacecraft for its next mission. The spacecraft will carry the astronauts of NASA to and from the International Space Station. The safety test was done to learn about the system’s loopholes and to fix them, says Bridenstine in his statement. The spacecraft will be the first human-carrying American spacecraft that will make to space for the first time. Currently, NASA is dependent on the Russian spacecraft for the entire space mission carried out by NASA. The task of carrying astronauts to space is carried out by Russian Spacecraft since 2011.


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