Samsung delayed the launching of Galaxy Fold smartphone in China

Samsung Galaxy Fold launch delayed in China.


In the recent development, it was seen that Samsung had canceled its Galaxy Fold launch event in China. As per some source, it said that the company is blaming the venue has got some issue for which they have to cancel the launch event at the last minute.  But other speculations say that the company has canceled the event following the last week issues with Galaxy Fold smartphone after the units broke after folding them in hand.

In a Twitter post by Richard Lai, he posted in his official account about the cancellation of the Samsung event. He posted by saying that Samsung Galaxy Fold launch events which are going to be held in Hong Kong and Shanghai have now been postponed. Earlier the event was due to held on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively.

It is seen that SamMobile has said in a statement that someone close with Samsung said that the event of Samsung was called off as there was an issue with the venue. But according to Ice Universe, who is a reputed tipster said that when it comes to the leak, it said that in the official website of Samsung, there were about two local activities and they are all related to Galaxy Fold smartphone are called off. This means that there is no issue with the venues as in multiple places the events are called off. It must be the issue with the hardware of the smartphone and for that Samsung has delayed its launching event.

In a report, it said that the main cause of delay might be due to the issues that arise with its foldable screen. The company might be now working on better warning labels which must be mentioned in a clearer way. The polymer coating present in the inner display and with the removing of that layer the screen might get affected. In the sample smartphones, it is seen that many people got confused with this by thinking that it is a plastic screen protector and removes the same form the screen. As a result, it breaks the device. 

After that problem, Samsung has said in a statement that it will ensure to deliver the message to the customers about not to remove that protective layer from the screen.  In another statement, it is said that the smartphone units that are sold in its official website will be on time and the shipping of that models will be done by 26th April as it is said earlier in the US. As per CNN, it reported that Samsung is not moving the timeline as the company believes that these incidents are isolated one and caused due to not communicating with the customers clearly about it.

After all, this issue surfaced out last week, and company faces backfire from the whole community, it stated by saying that it will inspect the units in person and how the phone breaks when the protective layer has got tampered with. They will ensure that this information is delivered to its customers in a better manner.


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