One militia member killed in attack on Ebola center of Congo

An attack in Ebola Center Congo.


On Saturday, the deputy mayor of Butembo city, Patrick Kambale Tsiko said to the Associated Press that, the armed attackers with machetes attempted to burn the center in Katwa overnight. The mayor also said the military guarding the center could kill one militia member and five other members are also detained. The militia members attacked the Ebola treatment center a few hours after an attack killed one staffer with WHO.

An epidemiologist from Cameroon was killed in the attack on the hospital on Friday. The epidemiologist was deployed in the hospital in Butembo for the outbreak in the eastern Congo region. This kind of violence disrupts the prevention and treatment of the deadly virus. The attackers blamed the foreigners wrongly for bringing Ebola virus to the concerned region, said Tsiko. According to the statement by IMA World health, the group of attackers rush into the conference room, took their belongings and forced them into the floor. The attackers accused the people of perpetuating rumors regarding Ebola in the conference room. Then the attackers with a gun shoot the epidemiologist in the abdomen left firing into the air.

It is the fourth time an IMA world health supported facility for Ebola been attacked. About four days ago, the attackers had looted kidnapped a nurse and looted the clinic nearby. After the attack, the clinic remains closed. The hospital in Katwa has been attacked by distressed families many times before. The families sought to claim the body of their closed ones who died of the deadly virus. For the first time, the members of militia attacked the hospital this time.

The outbreak of Ebola has claimed 855 deaths since August last year. Over 1300 probable and confirmed cases have been reported till now. The disease is not declared as a global health emergency yet, but the outbreak is rising alarmingly now. The deadly Ebola virus spreads by the bodily fluid by the people who are infected or showing the symptoms of the disease. The virus can also be transmitted by dead bodies too, so many people practice safe burial of the dead bodies. The head of emergencies for medical charity doctors, Natalie Roberts wrote that the forcible admission in the hospital adds a poor image to the Ebola centers in public. The isolation of the patients, use of equipment those are extra protective are associated with deadly Ebola treatment. So some people try to avoid the treatment when they are suffering from Ebola.

The North Kivu region of Congo has never faced the outbreak of the deadly virus before. The attacker community and groups are posing challenges regarding Ebola. The transmission of the virus is very quick and is deadly in about ninety percent of cases. The region where the symptoms of the disease have not been shown yet; some people don’t even believe that Ebola exists. The health workers there are trying to aware the people and teach people about the treatment of the disease. This kind of violence is affecting the treatment of the disease hugely.


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