Jerrie Cobb, NASA’s first female astronaut dies at 88

Jerrie Cobb the first female astronaut dies at 88.


Jerrie Cobb, America’s 1st woman astronaut candidate, has died at the age of 88. Pilot Jerrie has died of brief illness on the 18th of March in Florida. A family spokesperson on Thursday revealed the news of her death. Jerrie was the first female to pass the test of a grueling astronaut in 1961. Thirteen women have passed an arduous physical test and named as Mercury 13.

On the other hand, NASA has already Mercury 7 astronauts. All seven astronauts were men and jet pilots. Despite Jerrie’s testimony before a congressional panel in the year 1962, none of the women in Mercury 13 have made to space.

The story of Mercury 13 is presented in a recent Netflix series; the documentary is based on Jerrie Cobb’s life named as they promised her the moon is streaming currently in San Diego. Cobb was born on 5th March of 1931at Norman, Oklahoma. Cob was the second daughter of a military pilot father.  At the tender age of 12, Cobb has flown cockpit Waco biplane of her father. Cob got her license of the private pilot at the age of 16.

Initially, NASA has appointed as a consultant in a space program to talk up, instead of an astronaut. Cobb was dismissed only after a week for her controversial comment. NASA didn’t allow women to fly to space until 1963. The Soviet Union has sent its first women astronaut Valentina Tereshkova to space in the year 11963. So Cobb has mentioned in her autobiography that, the culture of the country didn’t allow her or any female to fly to space, in 1997. As a humanitarian aid pilot, Cobb has served many years in the jungle of Amazon. The Mercury 13 has attended shuttle launch of Eileen Collins in the year 1995. Collins was NASA’s first woman space commander and pilot.

Cobb has further tried to make it to space in the year 1998. At that time NASA was preparing for launching the Mercury astronaut, John Glenn. John Glenn was the first American at the age of 77, orbit the world. According to Cobb, the Geriatric Space study should involve older women too along with older men. At the age of 677, Cobb said the Associated Press that, she always wanted to fly to space then and want to make it now also in the year 1998.   

Cobb’s autobiography named, Jerrie Cobb, solo pilot was released in the year 1997. She mentioned about the gender discrimination than when she was willing to fly o the space from NASA. The culture of the country did not allow a woman to fly to space even if she was eligible for the job. Though the statements of Cobb were unsuccessful then, she has shown the new direction to the women who are willing to make it to space. She could not make her journey to space but now after her many female astronauts are making records in the space. She has been an inspiration for many female astronauts.


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