Google lens revamp its Google lens, Add translation and restaurant filters

Google lens added translation and restaurant filters.


Google lens revamp its Google lens, Add translation and restaurant filters

During the last year, at Google I/O 2018, Google has shown its revamped Lens with the best real-time recognition along with the smart text selection and native app integration. Now, in the year 2019, Google lens comes with some best kind and improved specific recognition “filter in development.”

As per a post of APK Insight, it said that they had decompiled the latest Google lens. The latest Google lens version is being uploaded in the Google Play Store. When it got decompile, they have seen several lines of code which exist in there. Till now it is not clear that Google will ship these or not but if they do they will do that in a better manner.

It is seen that Google Lens may come up with the limited version about the things it can do before you to another app. It might not have to lean on the other apps as it exists shortly. In April, a source has spotted about the evidence of the Google Lens. It said that these improved Google Lens can now host “filters” and they are solely focused on fulfilling the specific augmented reality tasks. For instance, if you go for a “translate” filter, then it might come up with the auto-detect one language, and it can offer you to convert it with some best kind of simple copying text and then it will ask the Google to launch Google translate.

Apart from those things, it is also seen that with references to the “dining” filter it can search all the nearby restaurants in which it includes all types of popular dishes. Apart from that, a “Shopping” filter is also added in it. This filter helps in appearing to focus on some more generic goods. When it is combined with some translation feature, and it must appear in Google, and it wants to offer a range of some specialized searches in place of one-size-fits-all function.

Earlier it is seen that since last some of the beta releases, Google app has been said by adding new features for Lens. Last month the version 9.61 has come out with some kind of various filters for the Lens. In this lens, you can get the Dining, Translate and shopping features. 

In the latest version, the Google lens version 9.72, it has enabled with all new Google Lens interface. This lens is currently in development and to revamp the places with some five filters present at the bottom of the screen.  Each of the filter lenses now has got into a precise mode or to accesses with a specific visual tool as well.

Till now there is no official word on this about when the users might get the upgraded Google Lens. But as per some rumors, it is said that this upgraded Google Lens will be available after May 7th, 2019 Google I.O events. Google is going to hold its Google I/O event on May 7th, 2019.


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