Security lapses of Facebook may have affected millions of Instagram users

Security lapse of Facebook affected Instagram user.

The Instagram photo and vidoe sharing app is seen on various devices on 10 May, 2017. The Facebook owned company recently announced that users can also upload photos via the mobile website withouth using the app. Instagram hopes with this new possibility it will appeal to more users. (Photo by Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

In a report, it mentioned that Facebook has now confirmed that millions of users of Instagram were got affected due to a security lapse which the company had previously disclosed. Facebook has bought this news to the public during the busiest days in American politics.

As per a statement by the company, it is said that the about millions of Instagram users passwords were got leaked accidentally and then stored in the readable format on its servers. Earlier in a report, Facebook has claimed that only tens of thousands of this type of passwords are got compromised. With this new information and publication of the same, it was discovered that some additional logs of Instagram passwords were got stored in the readable format and which is now estimated to millions of Instagram users. The company added by saying that they will now be notifying the affecting users.

On Thursday, at 10 AM ET, attorney general, William Barr has wrapped his news conference about the release of this report of the special counsel Robert Muller. It was seen the Facebook had updated its 21st March Blogpost in its official site in which it revealed about this mistake from them.

Earlier 21st March blog post, it said initially that there are hundreds of millions of Facebook Lite users and about tens of millions of other Facebook users along with some tens of thousands of Instagram users data had got affected as their data was stored in an insecure manner.  But now with this update data, it shows that the company had managed to know exactly how many users have got affected due to this.

According to Evan Greer, who is the deputy director at Fight for the Future, who is a privacy advocacy non-profit said that with this news from Facebook, this is the clear implication of the timing of the admission which is trying to bury the privacy oversight amid the larger scandals of the company.

She added by saying that near to zero people are surprised that Facebook will try to bury this story by releasing the response. It clearly shows that they are downplaying, apologizing and deflecting without any addressing of the fundamental problem. The business model by which they are running is said to be incompatible with user privacy and human rights.

As per a Facebook spokesman, he told the Guardian that there is no evidence of abuse or even misuse of the passwords. This is like an issue which has already been widely reported, but now the company wants to clear about the simply learned and more passwords stored in this way. Till now there is no type of evidence of abuse or even misuse of the passwords.

Ed Zitron said that the timing of the announcement was said to be equivalent of Facebook mumbling it under the breath with someone is said to be playing loud music as well as hoping no one will hear it.  The way they are behaving shows that they still think all the people will think they are like a startup, but they should stop it now and act maturely.


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