Google announces YouTube Music is free to Google Home

YouTube music free for Google Home.


As per some reports, Amazon is seen to be going to launch its free streaming music service which is for the Echo users only. After this report, it has been shown that Google has announced that YouTube Music will be free on the Google Home smart Speakers and other Google Assistant powered speakers too. 

It is said that this free service from Google will be the ad-supported and it will be only available in the selected markets which include the US, Mexico, Canada and some parts of Europe as well. The move that is currently announced by Google for the users is said to be the master plan of the company. This announcement comes just after the reports were published on Bloomberg which said that Amazon is soon going to launch a free streaming service. If Amazon goes for this and report is true, then it will give competition to the Echo device owners.

From now on, Google Homeowners can use the smart speaker to stream audio from YouTube Music for free of cost. The app provides the customers with the music streaming on Google Home Straight out of the box, and free service is said to be subsidized due to the presence of advertisements. But if you want to use this, then you need to set up the speaker.

YouTube Music Premium is like a music streaming service which comes from YouTube which enables users to stream the audio without any advertisements. In this, you will also get certain perks which are you get access for offline content.  As per the subscription, it costs about $9.99 per month.

It is seen that Google Home speakers usually supports the multiple kinds of music streaming services that include Deezer, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube Music, and Google Play Music.  So, if you want to stream the content from the YouTube Music on the Google Home speaker, then you need the Premium subscription. If you don’t have the subscription, then it will not work, and for that, you need to use other services.

This move by Google is said to be a good move. When it comes the US smart speaker installed base; Google is said to be placed second to Amazon. This was published in the recent report from the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. Till now US smart speaker has installed 66 million, and Amazon represented a dominant 70 percent of the devices and Google trailing at the distant second with about 24 percent.

If you want to use the service on the Google Home, then users need to select YouTube Music as their default music service. Then after doing this, the change can be seen in the Google Home App’s Account settings menu. To go to that, you need to tap on Services than on Music.  After that select, the YouTube Music as the default service and then the music requests that you made to the user’s Google Home speakers are said to be automatically pulled from YouTube.


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