A deadly form of Listeria outbreaks

A deadly form of Listeria outbreak.


A Listeria outbreak is now linked up to the sliced deli meat. This has led to the sickening of eight people, and the worst things about this are that this outbreak has now led one death case as well. All of the eight people are admitted to the hospital and are receiving health services. One death case was of a person from Michigan. In the interview, the people happened to enlist all the food items that they had taken before, and some of them included meat, cheese, etc. which are found to be sliced at the deli counter in different locations.

The CDC has not yet successfully been able to identify a single supplier of the deli counter as of now. These samples have now been taken in multiple locations. The health officials are not yet advising the people to avoid the products from the delis. However, there is a high-risk alert of the Listeria infection. The risk is also to the pregnant women and the newborns and the older people as well. People with weakened immune systems can tend to acquire the disease in a faster process. The deli meats are too barred from being taken without cooking it under sufficient heat.

This is strongly recommended that they must be steamed before getting served. The symptoms of the Listeria are many and depends on the age and health condition of the person. This illness is caused by the Listeria bacteria and can have a variety of symptoms depending on the body part it is affected with. This has even the potential to cause food-borne diseases like those of diarrhea.

Some of the symptoms can be a headache, body stiffness, ache, loss of balance, fever, muscle cramps, etc. In pregnant women, the illness can even take a deadly form and can manifest fever. This also leads to the cause of the muscle aches. Any sort of infection at the time of the pregnancy can cause a lot of health issue both to the infant and the mother as well. This can even lead to miscarriage.

The infection at times leads to cases like those of the premature delivery and also leads to the life-threatening issues to the newborn. The symptoms appear in the human body in an observable way within the first and the fourth week. But some people have reported the cases of their infection on the same day when they are exposed to the bacteria.

The health officials and the city is now having this as the emerging concern, and thus there are some steps which are enlisted by the health officials to prevent the disease. Some of the tips are the juice from the meat, and the hot dog packages must not enter the food that is to be taken in. The refrigerators are also to be cleaned regularly to avoid the disease.

One must wash hands before having food so that the food is not contaminated with the Listeria infecting agents. The packages meat of the Deli counter must not be used for more than 3 to 4 days. These store opened packages are few things which are required to be handled with care as they are the prime suspects to be the infection career.


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