3 tiny earthquakes in Southern California

Southern California swept by 3 tiny Earthquake.


According to the seismologists, there is a lot of shaking going on in Southern California. But most of the people are not able to feel the earthquakes, and their intensity is quite small. According to the seismologists, the total number of earthquakes the place has in a day is more than ten times.

The more accurate way of getting the intensity a term is that the scientists counted it to be 1.8 million of temblors in Southern California from the year 2008 and 2017. This is by a report that was put out on Thursday’s journal Science.

Earthquakes do occur in two blocks of the earth when both the blocks happen to slip against each other. California is an earthquake spot or can be better known as the seismic hotspot. There are many faults of the place which also includes the San Andreas. In another report, this was found that the place is exposed to an earthquake with less intensity in every three minutes. Most of the magnitude of the earthquake is below 1.

According to a renowned seismologist named Zachary Ross who is working at the California Institute in Pasadena, the earth is falling all the time. By researching more on the quakes and their timing, Ross and his colleagues are aiming to know the patterns of the quakes approaching. This can also be of great help later on in the prediction of the bigger earthquakes which are about to come to the places. The bigger earthquakes are quite rarer but are quite dangerous.

Ross was asked about the technologies, and he replied that as of now, the researchers have no broad idea about the earthquakes and the patterns. Knowing the fundamental things will be of great help for further prediction of things.

To find the smaller quakes, the researchers are now making the use of the older methods. The method is based on the premise that the earthquakes occur on wave pattern. According to the statement of the Susan Hough who is a seismologist, the earthquakes are like those of the fingerprints. She was not part of the research, but she called the research to be quite a cool one.

The researchers looked for the fingerprints that would not be normally observable until and unless one tries to look for them. The devices that are used for the process of observing the shakes are quite sensitive. They are also able to detect the ocean waves, traffic, and the seismic shakes as well. According to Ross, the pattern will be thoroughly studied by the upcoming researches.

To find the quakes in Southern California, the researchers would take the help of the supercomputers and also the new algorithms. The computer power will surely help the researchers a lot to get the work done more easily. If the research is successful, then the world will step ahead with another advanced step where the most devastating natural disaster can be predicted so that the situation can be handled in a better way and with awareness.


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