Samsung Galaxy Fold screen getting damage, Will inspect the units Samsung says

Samsung responds to Galaxy fold screen damage.


The all new Samsung Galaxy Fold is a foldable smartphone from the company. This new smartphone is said to go on sale from 26th April 2019 in the United States.  Galaxy Fold smartphone design is such that it got the capability to open like a book. When you open the phone, you will see its second display which is present there.

Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone has two screens in it. The second screen is the size of a small tablet which is about 7.3 inches or 18.5 cm. The design of the phone is made by Huawei Technologies Co Ltd’s Mate X. 

Ahead of launching event, Samsung has distributed a few of its new Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone to journalists so that they can review the samples. But after that, there are many reports about the malfunctions of this phone from the journalists.  The main malfunction that is caused in the smartphone is in its display. It is seen that in many samples the display screen get crack due to the foldable nature of the screen.

After this issue, in a statement by Samsung Electronics, it said that there is a limited number of early Galaxy Fold samples which were provided to the media for reviewing purpose.  But after a day the company started to receive some of the few reports in which it is said about the main display cracking. Now the company has said that they will inspect the units in person so that they can know the determine the real cause of the matter.

Samsung said that the main reasons for which the screens of the new Galaxy Fold smartphone breaks is due to the removal of the plastic film which covers the OLED screen. The film that is present on the screen is looking like the regular screen protector but in reality, it is not the screen protector. This film is the main and integral part of the Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone. This helps in working the folding screen perfectly.

It came to know that Galaxy Fold can be bend due to the presence of these plastic films. There is no flexible glass available right now as the technology. For this reason, only plastic is used to hold the screen in your device and if you go for removing the that, then it is like taking off the glass screen of the smartphone.

After this incident, Samsung said in another statement that when it will be available for the customers, the company will ensure that there will a clear mention on the screen itself only so that the users will not do this and will suffer from breaking of glass due to the removal of this plastic.  But the samples that are provided to the journalists are said to be without this instruction for which they remove the film by thinking as a screen protector and for that reason the glass started to get crack when they try to hold the smartphone to check its durability and flexibility.  


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