Sleep myths that might be affecting your health

Sleep myth can affect health.


A sound sleep is essential for the well being of humans. Sleeping is one of the most important things for overall health and longevity. Many people around the world are seeking help for good health or taking supplements to enhance productivity. A good night’s sleep is a simple path for attaining good physical and mental health. In this era of technology, people are getting busy with their gadgets or work affecting their health. According to the center for disease control and prevention, above 35% of Americans are getting less than seven hours of sleep. Insomnia is affecting many Americans these days.

A new study by Rebecca Robbins and the team in NYU School of medicine have researched over eight thousand websites, found twenty common assumptions about sleep. The premises are evaluated if they are backed by science or not. The myths about sleep addressed there could harm your health severely.

Watching TV before sleeping helps in relaxing

Watching news or other programs before sleeping can lead to stress, which causes insomnia. The electronic devices emit bright light which prevents you from sleeping. Avoiding electronic devices like phones and television while sleeping let you relax and sleep properly, says Robbins

Adults need five or fewer hours of sleep

According to The research by Robbins and team, this is a myth that can affect the overall health. Adults of 18 to 60 age need at least seven hours of sleep at night daily for optimal health. Getting insufficient sleep for an extended period can lead to hypertension, obesity, mood disorders, and many chronic diseases. Sleeping less than seven-hour for adults can affect productivity.

The time of sleep doesn’t matter

Night time sleep is directly related to health. Studies show the circadian rhythms of night shift workers are disrupted as compared to day shift workers. The night shift workers get lower sleep and the quality of sleep also lower. So they have high health risk in the long run.

Snoring is harmless

Snoring rarely is normal, but chronic snoring indicates sleep apnea. In this sleep condition, breathing continuously stops and starts. With this sleep disorder, you cannot get quality sleep, and the state can lead to many chronic diseases.

Body and brain can get acquainted with less sleep

Many people assume that your mind and body can adopt less sleep in the long term. According to the study, it is a myth. Decreased sleep can lead to many health problems. It affects your mood and performance throughout the day.

Consuming alcohol before bed can help sleep soundly

It is a myth that alcohol consumption before bed can help you sleep properly. The study says, alcohol before sleep can cause disturbance in the rest at late hours of the night. Alcohol may help in sleep faster, but the effect of alcohol has an impact on your quality of sleep. The sleep condition can get worse due to alcohol.

Sleeping disorders can lead to many dangerous conditions, so the symptoms should be treated earlier. People should be aware of the importance of a good night’s sleep.


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