Hackers have compromised support agent’s credentials and allow them to read the non-corporate account, Microsoft says 

Microsoft says hackers can read non-corporate accounts.

Image Courtesy: TechCrunch

In the latest development, it is seen that Microsoft has confirmed that there is some limited amount of people who can use the web email services which is managed by Microsoft. It covers services which include @msn.cpm and @hotmail, com. The company said that they had their accounts compromised in a great way.

As per a Spokesperson of Microsoft, it said in an email that the company had addressed this scheme. This has seen to be affected a limited subset of the consumer accounts which is done by disabling as well as compromised all the credentials and then blocking the perpetrator’s access.

An email which was sent by the Microsoft has said that it has sent out the affected users with the malicious hackers and it can get access to the affected user’s e-mail address along with the folder names, subject lines of e-mails as well as the names of the other e-mail addresses too. But it is seen that none of the contents of any e-mails or any kind of attachments seems to be login credentials which include the passwords.

This biggest breach has occurred between the 1st of January 2019 and 28th of March. The company confirmed this in a letter to the users which has sent by them. This issue is said to be very worse than it is reported earlier. It was seen that hackers could access the content of the email. This was confirmed by a witness who has witnessed the whole scenario before Microsoft has issued its statement and the witness too provided the screenshots to Motherboard.

During March, it was seen that the company has publicly confirmed this hack in a letter.  It said that this abuse of the customer support portal had allowed the hackers to gain access to the email accounts of normal users but not the corporate users. As per a source, it said in a statement that how these attacks were relied on the abuse of the Microsoft’s customer support tool and along with it provided the new information as well as screenshots of abuses done by hackers.

As per a victim, it has posted an e-mail that has come from Microsoft in Reddit on Saturday in which it said that the company has identified that a Microsoft support agent’s credentials were got compromised. Due to this, it has enables the individuals who all are present outside Microsoft can access the information that exists within the Microsoft email account.

Apart from that statement, it too added about the hackers that they could have accessed the email folder names, subject lines of emails, names on the other email addresses that the user is communicated with and many other things. After all this, the question now arises is how many people accounts got compromised and how much is affected and in which area or territories got affected. So, for now, the company has taken a step to stop this from further damage, but a clear picture is expected to be in public very soon.


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