Digging into the earth unrevealing the history

The tangled mass of fish deposited in North Dakota provides the most important facts and findings of the history of the universe. The bones of fossilized ancient paddlefish well preserved in the paleontology lab of Kansas University, unrevealed some interesting effects. Some glass beads, tiny in size are found in the gill wheels of paddlefish. The sign indicates that the ancient fish was killed when struggling for air since fire was raining from the sky. The evidence even suggests, the small glass beads were formed massive asteroid slams the earth with a large force of ten billion Hiroshima. It is believed the most extended history in the living history of our planet.

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The fossil was discovered by Robert DePalma- a graduate student in the University of Kansas at North Dakota. The finding helps in understanding the history of the planet, claims DePalma. Rare metal found in the debris, discovered by Walter and Luis Alvarez- a father-son team. The ash band, rich in iridium coated earth about 66 million years ago. In a study in the year 2010, the panel of scientists associated with it, have claimed that the crater has impacted the earth severely.  That causes fire rain, sent shock waves and coats the surface with ash. The massive asteroid marked the end of the dinosaur age. The shock wave had wiped out 95 percent of living species from the earth 65 million years ago. The thesis advisor David Burnham has claimed the evidence found at the site indicates catastrophic flood has wiped out early mammals and dinosaurs above ground.

A paleontologist is working on the fossils underneath the soil for fifty years to collect data about the past event on the earth. The fact that makes the scientists think about the history of the planet is the Apollo mission. The mission to the moon and taking pictures from the space generate the idea of researching the underneath of soil. The factor, which is to be discovered, is the understanding the decan traps and the position of Tanis in decan traps. The study earlier suggests the dinosaurs are extinct due to the volcanic eruption and asteroid effects. The claims of Burnham are been understandable due to the previous invention of feathered fossils in the 1990s at Liaoning, China. By studying the fossils under electron microscopes, can reveal the traces and colors of the extinct creature. The ancestors of the present day creatures can be identified by the fossils discovered.

The composition of the small beads is to be studied in-depth. Although it is predicted from the research that, the massive asteroid has hit the earth and resulted in fire rain, shock wave wiping out the living species, it is not confirmed yet. There are many more facts to be revealed shortly. The glass beads on paddlefish fossils are the evidence that the massive event has happened to be wiped out the 95 percent of living beings from the earth. Many mammals were extinct due to the enormous asteroid hit followed by a volcanic eruption.  

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