World’s biggest airplane from Stratolaunch taken its maiden flight, creates history

World's biggest Airplane, A history creator.


The world’s largest airplane which has got a record-breaking foot wingspan of about 385 meters has gone for its maiden flight over the Mojave Desert. The aircraft company Stratolaunch built this aircraft.

Image Courtesy: Ars Technica

This event was taken place on the morning of Saturday after 45 mins pass of sunrise over the Mojave Desert. This all-new biggest aircraft of the world was seen to be in the making for the last eight years.  In a statement from the company, it said that the company is planning to introduce a twin-fuselage along with the six-engined and catamaran style aircraft to launch the satellite that has got rockets into space.

According to the CEO of Stratolaunch, Jean Floyd has said in a press conference that, the whole world is very patient when it comes to this plane and the people are very tolerant since many years as they are waiting for us to get this biggest plane off the ground. In its maiden flight over the Mojave Desert, it is seen that the aeroplane has completed the fly. The aeroplane has hit the speed of about 189 mph with a height of 17,000 feet. The total time that the flight has taken is near to 150 minutes. After that, the flight has landed in the Mojave Air and Space Port safely.

When it comes to the Stratolaunch project, it was seen that the co-founder of Microsoft Paul Allen who was a longtime space enthusiast had been funded this project. But unfortunately, Paul passed away last October at the age of 65 due to the complications that are related to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Floyd added by saying that even he is not here today with us still this dream plane is possible due to him and thanks him for that.

If you see the future, it is said that it hopes that this Stratolaunch hopes to carry about 250-ton rocket ships which are loaded with the satellites to a height of about 35,000 feet which is into the stratosphere. It is said that when it goes to the cruising altitude and the engine of the rocket will then ignite which carries it and with satellite cargo into the rest of the way into space.

This aeroplane’s six Pratt and Whitney engines along with 28-wheel landing gear which is originally designed for the Boeing 747s. The company has then built the aircraft, and it builds the aircraft in such a way that it saved the money by repurposing the three 747s and put it together. Earlier, it is intended to carry modified space rockets which is Falcon 9 rockets into space. But later two companies soon have gone its ways.

In a statement by Paul Allen, he said in a statement that on Saturday morning when the flight takes place, it is said that the team of Stratolaunch was in high spirits. The company dedicated the day to the man who all inspired us to go for this and to empower the world’s problem solvers.


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