High stress can lead to heart attack, ways to reduce the stress

High stress can lead to heart attack, ways to reduce the stress

A new study has found evidence of a strong link between stress and heart diseases. High stress can lead to various heart diseases. With a higher level of stress, there is a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases and other heart problem in the long run. In Sweden, a study of siblings has found a link between the two constraints. In that study, 137,000 people were involved who are diagnosed with acute stress disorder or post-traumatic disorder following some traumatic event. The researchers also identified 171,000 of their siblings who have the same genes and upbringings as theirs, but they don’t have any anxiety disorder. When the rates of heart diseases were compared over the years, it is found that the people who have anxiety disorder have a higher rate of heart disorders than their siblings. According to Unnur A Valdimarsdottir- a professor of epidemiology in Iceland University, within the first year of diagnosis of the disorder, there is 60 percent increased the risk of cardiovascular diseases in the individuals.

Stress is a part of everyone’s life; it the concerned individual how he/she responds to stress is matters. The stress heading to stress disorder needs treatment as in stress disorder; the systems of the body are activated at the wrong time. People should consider the problem before it becomes chronic. Chronic stress disorder leads to the highest risk of overall health problem.

According to Dr. Ernesto Schiffrin, professor and physician at McGill University, long term stress disorders can cause inflammation by activating the immune system. Inflammation can make the arteries hard; the condition is known as atherosclerosis. By hardening of the arteries, the passage of blood flow narrowed that limits the flow of blood. The condition leads to heart stroke, attack or many other cardiovascular diseases. Stress cannot be treated through magic, change in lifestyle and way of dealing with the stress can help.

Eating healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help you to deal with everyday stress. Relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation help you to a great extent. A report says, forty out of sixty patients have reduced their blood pressure by meditation, which helps them reduce the medications for high blood pressure. A study found that loneliness is one of the reasons for depression and stress disorders. So individuals should make friends and be socialized rather than isolating themselves. Spending time with a group of people can boost the mood and make you happy.

Eating well can help you improve your lifestyle. Having a nutrient dense, balanced diet can keep you energized throughout the day. Good food can lead to a good day. Individual facing higher stress issues should consult a professional for the right kind of advice. A mental health professional can help you out in dealing with the stress. Mental health is equally as important as physical health. So an individual should reach out professional help for their anxiety disorder. The professionals will identify the disorder you are suffering from and recommend the best possible solution to your problem.

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