At the edge of creating space history, Beresheet fails soft-landing on Moon

The privately sponsored spacecraft of b Israel, Beresheet has successfully entered the lunar orbit but fails to land successfully on the moon. The successful landing would make Israel the fourth country to enter the space after Russia, China, and the United States. The spacecraft Beresheet was designed and developed by a private entity, SpaceIL. The project worth a hundred million dollars was an ambitious project for Israel Aerospace Industries and SpaceIL. The spacecraft has blown from Cape Canaveral, Florida. The spacecraft was board on SpaceX rocket on 22nd of February. Beresheet was scheduled to land on the moon on the moon on 11th April.  The spacecraft has traveled around 6.5 million kilometers and been monitored by the engineers for 48 days from Israel Aerospace Industries headquarter at Yehud.

Image Courtesy: Tech Times

After losing connection with the main engine, the spacecraft failed to soft-land on the surface of the moon with subsequent accidents at landing. The main scientific mission of the spacecraft was to measure the magnetic field of the moon that is a part of an experiment in Weizmann Rehovot science institute. NASA has also taken part in the mission, to assist in post-landing communication. A laser reflector was installed by NASA on the concerned spacecraft for communication after landing on the moon. The laser reflector communication system by NASA enables the spacecraft to communicates an image of the moon at the distance of 22 kilometers from the moon, before the landing failure of the spacecraft.

Beresheet was developed and designed to capture autobiography and the image of the landing site on the surface of the moon. The spacecraft is the smallest distance covered spacecraft in the world, also the smallest spacecraft designed to reach the moon. Beresheet is of 600 kilograms in weight; height is 1.5 meters and two meters in width. The budget of the project was NIS 350 million. The fuel of the spacecraft is represented 75% of the total weight of the spacecraft. The spacecraft was carrying the Israel flag scheduled to land into moon’s mare serenitatis on 11th of April making the country proud. The spacecraft has lost contact with SpaceIL few minutes before its landing on the moon. The two engines of the spacecraft have failed, then central engine lost connection leading to failure of the soft landing of the spacecraft on the moon. SpaceIL aimed to make Israel the fourth country to enter the list of achievers to enter the space.

The country will try again to land on the surface of the moon and will be successful, said the prime minister of Israel- Benjamin Netanyahu. According to Morris Kahn- chairman of SpaceIL and the principal donor for the spacecraft, the country is proud of the attempt immensely and praises the team of scientists for their work. The attempt will inspire the future generation of scientists to achieve the ultimate goal. Beresheet is the smallest spacecraft designed ever to launch on the moon with a lesser budget than other countries. Space1L will attempt again to enter the lunar orbit and land successfully on the surface of the moon.

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