A recent study says breast milk reduces the risk of child obesity

Breast milk reduces the chances of child obesity.


Nowadays childhood obesity is seen in most of the countries around the world. Recently, a new study says, breast milk has the potential to reduce obesity in children. The researchers have analyzed the composition of breast milk to study the impact on child obesity. The lead author of the study-Elvira Isganaitis has conducted the study on 35 mother-infant pairs. The weight of the infant has been measured in one month and six months. Both the obese and normal weight mothers are involved in the study. The composition in breast milk of normal weight mothers differs from the composition of milk from obese mothers. The body mass index of the mothers has been calculated in the study. The research by Isganaitis is published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Maternal obesity is the most valid reason for childhood obesity; the fact is known to us before. Doctors are aiming to identify the risk at an earlier stage to prevent the health condition at an early stage.

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Childhood obesity leads to type two diabetes, makes children under confident and also the cause of many health problems. One of the key reasons associated with childhood obesity is a postnatal nutritional intake of the infant. Dr. Isganaitis has studied 275 metabolite molecule in breast milk of lean mothers and overweight mothers. At the first stage of the study, it is found that ten metabolite molecules are differing from the normal weight mothers to overweight mothers in the first month. There are 20 metabolite molecules of breast milk differ in six months. It is found that the milk adenine- associated with weight gain in infants is found in the breast milk of the obese mother.

There were not many studies has been conducted to analyze the composition of breast milk before 2010. According to David Fields- the senior author of the study, the current research on breast milk composition is much deeper than just measuring the protein, fat and carbohydrate content of the human breast milk. The findings of the study suggest that breast milk from the mother has a huge impact on the health condition of the infant. Complex carbohydrates and nucleotide derivatives are the specific mix factors that can improve the breast milk profile and can protect the infant from childhood obesity. The mother’s health and weight status influence the quality and composition of breast milk in human. The composition of breast milk has an impact on the nutritional intake of the infant. The kind of nutrition a baby has taken after birth has an impact on the general health of the child.

Breastfeeding is beneficial for the mother as well as the child; it is supported and prompted from ages. Breast milk plays a strong role in the immune system of the child. It has a beneficial effect in the long run. According to this new study by Isganaitis, breast milk is beneficial in balancing the weight of the infant and prevents childhood obesity. The metabolic pathway of human breast milk impacts the weight of the baby.


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